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Naruto 481 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (version 1)

Author: N.V.O. (Itasuke)
Naruto 481: Enter: 3 Mysterious New Members!

(Battlefield scene 2)

Sasuke: Who are…you…?

??? # 3: You don’t need to know my name, Bastard.

Sasuke: …Like I really care about your name, I asked who are you.

??? # 2: Geez, He’s always so rude with others, answer nicely dumb.

??? # 3: You’re one to talk. You’re just falling in love. Girls.

??? # 2: SHUT UP DUMBA–

??? # 1: Enough, you two. We are…

??? # 1, ??? # 2, ??? # 3: The new Akatsuki members.


Sakura: Akatsuki…

??? # 1: As for our names, it’s none of your business.

Sasuke: -Stands up- I’ll…beat up everyone of you. -Mangekyo Unlocked-

Sakura: I’m with you.

Sasuke: No, stay back, they’re too tough for yo–

Sakura: You still think I am useless, and haven’t improved, right? Well, correct that info, because I already battled one of the Akatsuki and I know just how strong they are.

Sasuke: …(One of the Akatsuki…?! Wait…so what Kabuto said about the death of that Sasori was true…) Alright, let’s go.

Karin: (More Akatsuki…)

Kiba: Let’s show ’em our power! let’s go! Wolf-Fang-Over-Fang! -aims towards the Akatsuki members-

??? # 2: Oh…how weak! -spins kicking Kiba and Akamaru off-

Kiba: Gah!

Rock Lee: Leef Hurrica– Wha?!…What’s happening…?!

??? # 3: One of my powers, is that I can control the gravity, game’s up kid. -Kicks his neck sending him far away-

Sakura: Kiba! Lee! …Sai stay back and guard her!

Karin: T-Thank you…(I feel useless)…

Sasuke: It’s our turn to strike.

Sakura: Leave that girl to me…

Sasuke: Got it.

(Naruto & Yamato scene)

Naruto: I…Have a bad feeling…about this…

Yamato: What is it…?

Naruto: I feel like…wait, I have to check something…-Sage Mode: Activate!- (What…?! Strong chakras!) Captain Yamato! Kakashi-Sensei is fighting someone, as well as for Sakura! but…there are many strong chakras…and one seems like…Sasuke…

Yamato: What?!

Naruto: -Stands- I can walk now I guess…Let’s go there before he disappears away from us once again!

Yamato: …

Naruto: I’m going. -Sage Mode: Kyubi Chakra Activate!- -Rushes forwards super fast-

Yamata: Ugh! -covers his face- So…fast…WAIT NARUTO! -Follows him-

(Battlefield scene 2)

Sakura, Sasuke, # 1, # 2 are shown sliding back-

Sakura: *Pant*…*Pant*…

Sasuke: *Pant*…*Pant*…(They’re strong…)

??? # 2: *Pant*…(They’re really tough…I underestimated them.)

??? # 3: Enough playing games! I’ll show you my rea–

??? # 1: You knuckle head fool. -Lands near the two- We have to not show our powers just yet.

??? # 3: Who are you calling a fool you idiot bastard!

??? # 2: Enough you two…

Sakura: No…we won’t lose just yet! Sasuke, Let’s show them our Team-Work!

Sasuke: Right.


Will Sasuke and Sakura be enough to defeat the new Akatsuki members?

Next Time: Sakura and Sasuke, the will of fire burns!


Naruto 480 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (version 1)

by: N.V.O. (Itasuke)
Naruto 480: Mangekyo Battle and the Power of the Will of Fire

(Battlefield Scene 1)
Madara: Hm…so you’re serious about this, eh?
Itachi: -Closes his eyes- I lied alot to you Sasuke…but one thing I said was true.
Madara: …
Itachi: -Opens his eyes staring at Madara- I…

-Itachi Suddenly appears behind Madara with a kunai and a kick, Madara barely notices-
Itachi: Am the one that can surpass him.
Madara: (No times to do my Jutsu! he might hit me…) -grabs Itachi’s kick, as Itachi moves forward his kunai, Madara kicks it away and lands backwards- *Pant*…Did you really think that THAT was enough…to beat Me? (He’s fast…)

Itachi: Hm…you didn’t have enough time to make your body permeable. Heh, am I too fast for you…? or is it that your getting old and out of shape?
Madara: Don’t mock me. It’ll be over before you know it.
Itachi: We’ll see about that.

(Wind blows)
-Itachi rushes towards Madara, and does the Fire Ball Jutsu, Madara dodges backflipping and throws a kunai tagged with a paper bomb, Itachi easily dodges the explosion, Itachi is able to see Madara but unclearly behind the smoke/dust. Itachi unleashes Pheonix Flower Jutsu on

Madara, then it appears that it’s a subsitution Jutsu-
Itachi: …A substit–

-Madara rises up from the ground- Madara: It’s over!! -with a kunai aiming for Itachi’s throat, The kunai was kicked away-
Madara: …?!
Kakashi: Seems like this game is fun, count me in.
Madara: …Fine. You two want me to be serious. Then that’s what you’re gonna get.
Itachi: Amaterasu! -Amaterasu is forming on Madara’s arm-
Madara: Gah! -Uses his Time/Space Jutsu to teleport- *Pant*…That did some damage, but–

Danzo: -Appears behind Itachi- Our battle isn’t over yet.
Madara: …!
Itachi: …?! (How did he gain consciousness so fast…?)
Kakashi: Leave him to me. Can you take care of Madara?
Itachi: I can.
Kakashi: Right. -Kakashi & Danzo jumps in the air and begin clashing with kunais-

(Battlefield Scene 2)
Sasuke: …(Can I help them…?) UGH! -Places his hand on his eye- *Pant*…*Pant*…
Sakura: …! …Sasuke…
Sasuke: ?
Sakura: Let me…heal you.
Sasuke: Huh? (Heal…?!)
-Sakura begins healing Sasuke-
Sakura: So…what’re you gonna do next…?
Sasuke: …(…..)…
Sakura: This time, there’s no need to be silent, I know everything there is to know, and I’m not useless as I was before.
Sasuke: …!
Sakura: -Smiles while her eyes closed- Really, you can–

???: Enough chit-chat.
Kiba,Sai,Lee,Sasuke,Karin,Sakura: …!!!
Sasuke: Zetsu…

Black Zetsu: You’re coming with me, Sasuke.
Sasuke: And if I say “No”?
Black Zetsu: Then I’ll suck up your whole chakra until I can drag you back with us.
Sasuke: Hmph. You’re really thinking that you’re able to beat me? I am not in the mood for silly jokes.
Black Zetsu: Well, I won’t be enough to beat you, that’s true. But I got other plans.

??? # 1: Are they the ones?
??? # 2: I guess so.
??? # 3: Should we go directly with the “Kill”?
Everyone: ?!
Who are these mysterious new comers?! What is their purpose?
Naruto 481: Enter 3 Mysterious New Members!


Naruto 479 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (version 2)

by: N.V.O (Itasuke)
Naruto 479: Arrival!

(Battlefield scene)
Itachi: …
Madara: …
Itachi: You lured my brother to the wrong path, it is only because of you that he’s in this condition now, and you even made him fight the 5 Kages! I will never forgive you, for your actions.
Madara: You’re not the one to judge here.
Itachi: We’ll see about that.
Madara: By the way, Akatsuki’s leader is dead, and your partner Kisame is dead too.
Itachi: …Kisame is dead? And the leader too huh.
Madara: …
Itachi: Don’t think I care anymore, I am no longer under the clouds of the “Akatsuki” hidden by its shadows.
-Throws his cloak-

Madara: …
Itachi: Let’s end this.

(Kakashi & Sai scene)
Kakashi: I can see them!
Sai: Seems like we made it before Sakura and the others arrive.
Kakashi: Wait, isn’t that Itachi?! (How’s he alive…but that doesn’t matter, I’ll have to interfere!) Let’s go, Sai!
Sai: Right! -They jump in-

(Team-Sakura scene)
Sakura: I can see Sasuke! let’s go!
All: Right!

(Battlefield scene)
Sakura: Sasuke!!!!!
Sasuke: …Sakura?
Sakura: Why…why’re you doing all this HUH?! Answer me!!
Sasuke: What…the…
Sakura: *Pant* *pant*…(…!! Isn’t that Itachi?! so…he’s not dead afterall.) It’s all because of you!
Itachi: ?
Sakura: Itachi Uchiha!! -Jumps above Itachi with 50% of her chakra covering her hand-
Itachi: (What…power…)
-Kakashi grabs Sakura and lands on the ground-

Kakashi: He’s not the enemy, Sakura.
Sakura: W-What are you saying?
Kakashi: Long story. Just know that he faked it, he never was one of the Akatsuki.
Sakura: …What…Then Sasuke! Why is he with the Akatsuki!
Kakashi: It’s all because of that masked guy.
Sakura: Who…is he?
Kakashi: He’s Madara Uchiha.
Sakura: What?!

Itachi: I don’t blame you for wanting to kill me, Sakura Haruno, it’s a long story, but I’ll correct my mistakes, Promise. -Closes his eyes smiling-
Sakura: …!
Kiba, Rock Lee, Sai: -Lands near Kakashi- Sensei!
Kakashi: You three stay back!
Madara: Itachi…Kakashi…Sakura Haruno, and those three…Sasuke of course will be on Itachi’s side so, there are 7 of them, against me. And you?
Karin: W-Wha?!
Madara: I thought so, Die.
Karin: W-Wait!!

-Sakura rushes in fastly as she punches the pillar and it falls apart, Madara is forced to dodge and lands on another pillar faraway-
Sakura: You…won’t kill anybody, you bastard!
Madara: Another Princess Tsunade I see. She’s gonna be troublesome.
Karin: T-Thank you…!
Sakura: No problem…
Karin: My name is Karin…It’s nice to meet you.
Sakura: I’m Sakura Haruno -smiles- we saw eachother once I believe. But let’s leave the introduction for later, we have other matters to worry about.
Karin: R-Right!
Madara: Hm…

Sasuke: So…you were using me!
Madara: And now, I have no use of you. So I’ll simply kill all of you.
Everyone: …!
Kakashi: We can defend ourselves, Madara.
Itachi: Kakashi…let’s team up, let’s show him our powers.
Kakashi: Meaning “That”?
Itachi: Yes, we’ll go with “That”.
Kakashi & Itachi: Mangekyo Sharingan!!!
Madara: So…it has come to this eh? So be it. Mangekyo Sharingan!!!…Mine far exceeds both of yours together!
Kakashi,Itachi,Madara: …

Three powerful Mangekyo Sharingans in one fight! Which side will win?! And what’s Naruto going to do now?!

Naruto 480: Mangekyo Battle and the Power of the Will of Fire


Naruto 479 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (version 1)

Author : Sensei-Q
Naruto 479: ”New Power, Old Friend”

(Naruto-Yamato Scene)
Itachi: We need to get to Sasuke and Danzou as fast as we can. Sasuke isn’t strong enough to handle Danzou.
Naruto: What are we waiting for, let’s go!
Itachi: Do you know where he is?
Naruto: No, but Kakashi’s heading towards them right now.
Itachi: Is there any way for you to track them down?
Naruto: …Yes there is… But it’s risky. You’ll have to help me with this.
Itachi: Fair enough.
Yamato: What the!? Cloak? At a time like this?!
*The Demon Fox’s Cloak forms around Naruto’s body with 3 tails*
Yamato: This is bad!
*Naruto turns around to face Yamato*
Naruto: Don’t worry, I have control. I have to go stop Sasuke, you go to Konoha.
Yamato: (Whaaat??? He’s conscious???)
Naruto: Leave now.
Yamato: …But what if-
Naruto: Don’t worry, I’ve got everything under control. Please.
*Yamato jumps back into the trees to Konoha*
Naruto: Ok let’s try it now.. if it fails, you must stop the chakra flow.
Itachi’s voice: Got it.
-Sennin Mode!-

(Danzou Scene)
Karin: !!! What is this…. Incredible chakra….
Madara: …(Who’s chakra could it be.. It’s not danzou. Not Sasuke… And the girl is out of the question…)
Itachi: Danzou, it’ll be all over for you. Sasuke, stay back. I’m going to break the genjutsu.
*Danzou jumps back*
Danzou: (I wonder what Itachi’s trumpcard is…)..!!!
Sasuke: …

(Kakashi Scene)
Kakashi: What?
*Kakashi makes a dive to the ground to dodge something that came across with lightningspeed*
Kakashi: What was that? Naruto’s Chakra?! And he’s heading towards Sakura’s team! (Shit!)
-Mangekyou Sharingan!- (Will I make it in time?)

(Sakura Scene)
Kiba: Sakura!!
Sakura: What?
Sakura-Lee-Sai: !
*Something with lightningspeed crosses Sakura’s team. It was so fast, a shockwave of wind blew them into a tree.*
Kiba: This smell belongs to Naruto!
Sakura: That’s impossible! How could he know where we are?
Lee: I don’t remember him being so fast?
Sai: He’s heading to Sasuke.
Sakura: (Is he..) C’mon, let’s go!

(Danzou Scene)
Karin: The chakra is nearing.. It doesn’t feel like a human at all.
Madara: (This chakra.. I remember this one..)
Karin: Whatever it is, this exceeds any chakra I’ve felt before! This is above the level of a tailed beast!

***The area explodes, creating a huge cloud of smoke***

Karin: (We’re going to die!)
Madara: -SFX) Glare- Hmph, he improved.. in such a small period of time?
Sasuke: Who is it.
*Suddenly a loud inhuman brawl came from the smoke making the ground shake.*
-Sasuke, It’s me-
Danzou: I knew it.
Naruto: *While in Sennin mode/3-tail-cloak* Sasuke, I came to help you. Please accept it.
Sasuke: …(Itachi, is this that ‘friend’ you were talking about?)
Itachi: *Inside Sasuke* Please let him help you.
Naruto: Madara told me everything. I know why you want revenge. But I’m asking you to
let that go and follow the path Itachi and all of your friends wanted.
Sasuke: I want this shameless bastard dead first!
Danzou: We’ll see about that.
Naruto: Hmph!
Sasuke-Karin-Madara: -SFX) Nervous-
-Behind you, baka!-
Danzou: (Why isn’t my technique affecting him…This is bad.. I’ll have to resort to ‘That’.

”Naruto has the upper hand! But can Danzou counter the power of a Sennin-Jinchuuriki?”

Naruto 480 – ”Naruto vs Danzou”


Naruto 478 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (version 6)

by: Sensei-Q
Naruto 478: A Sudden Appearance!

(Sasuke Scene)
Danzo: Itachi……Who should be dead?! How can this be?
Sasuke: What?! You are supposed to be dead!
Itachi: I kept my promise, but you didn’t..
Danzo: I had no choice, they attacked me!
Itachi: I saw everything from inside Sasuke. You are lying to me.
Danzo: Heh, does it matter? It’s too late now. Sasuke is a wanted criminal in all 5 nations. There is NO going back!
Itachi: That won’t be a problem.
Karin: What’s this? Why have they stopped moving all of a sudden? Is Danzou scared?
Madara: Don’t worry, it’s just an old friend visiting. It’ll be over quickly. (As I said, you keep surprising me, even in death..)
(Naruto Scene)
*Yamato is carrying Naruto on his back while jumping from tree to tree on his way to Konoha.*
Yamato: Naruto, I’m sorry.. Let’s hope Kakashi manages to reach Sakura.

Kyuubi: What do you want from me, brat. More power?
Naruto: I didn’t do this. I didn’t come to you. You brought me here!
Kyuubi: I didn’t. So if it wasn’t you, it was something else.
?????: Naruto, it is time.
Naruto: Who is it?!
*From the darkness, a person slowly appears from behind Naruto.*
Kyuubi: That chakra, why haven’t I noticed before.. I’ll never forget the smell of that cursed clan’s chakra!
Naruto: How can you be here? I thought Sasuke killed you that day.
Itachi: I wanted Sasuke to follow the path I’ve planned for him. He ended up taking the other one..
Naruto: You mean… he’s evil, right.
Itachi: No, there is still hope, but we must act fast. Right now he’s fighting Danzo, but I managed to stall it.
Kyuubi: Come closer, so I can crush you.
Itachi: …Mangekyo Sharingan… *Looks at Kyuubi*
Kyuubi: Don’t look at me with those cursed eyes!
Naruto: How are we going to save Sasuke?
Itachi: I will help you, with controlling the Kyuubi. I don’t have that much chakra left, but when I fuse with the other part in Sasuke,
I will be ready to fight together with you.
Naruto: Alright..Thank you, Itachi!
(Sasuke Scene)
Danzo: Why is it that I can’t move.. Is this one of your tricks?
Itachi: You won’t break out of my genjutsu.
Sasuke: What is this. Why are you here! Why did you lie to me!
Itachi: Sasuke, I’m sorry. I tried to make you a hero, but instead you chose to get revenge.
I am very disappointed, Sasuke. But there is still hope, your friends want you back.
Sasuke: It’s too late, all natio-
Itachi: Just trust me, your friend won’t let you down this time. *Smiles*
Danzo: …

”Will Naruto reach the fight in time, and will he transform without losing control this time?
Find out in the next chapter…”

Naruto: 479 – ”New Power, Old Friend”


Naruto 478 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (version 5)

Author : N.V.O (Itasuke)

Naruto 478: Itachi Returns

(Battlefield scene)
-Itachi stares angrily-
Itachi: You went out of line, you were going to hurt Sasuke.
Sasuke: I-Itachi…?!…(How…) Brother!
Itachi: -Turns facing Sasuke- (..! Did, he know the truth?) -Stares at Madara-…(I bet it was him.)

Madara: …(Itachi…what’s happening?)
Karin: T-That guy looks like Sasuke! Is he, Itachi Uchiha?! but I thought he’s dead!
Itachi: Sasuke, you followed the wrong path, all I wanted was for you to be the hero of Konoha, the one that avenges the Uchiha clan, and to end my life, a criminal, the murderer of the Uchiha clan. But it turned out to be I was wrong, none of what I wanted happened.
Sasuke: …Brother! but I just wanted to avenge you! And by doing that I’ll be also aven–
Itachi: Do you hear yourself Sasuke?
Sasuke: …!
Itachi: You’re acting like a child, listen to me, by that, you’re being a criminal, a Rogue Ninja, and you’re the only Uchiha clan alive, Madara not counted, and when you’re dead, then that’s that.
Sasuke: But–
Itachi: Then will you call it revenge? It’s still not too late.
Danzo: Do not make me laugh. It is far too late for him to turn back! He’s a wanted criminal for his doings! He will be—
-Itachi slashed Danzo’s chest and cutting off his Sharingan arm by a Kunai-
Itachi: Aren’t you a fine one to talk…
Sasuke: Itachi…

Danzo: Gah! -spits blood-…Tell me, how have you appeared?!
Itachi: It’s simple. When I implanted my Mangekyo powers into Sasuke, I also transferred myself into him, it’s like, a Reanimation Jutsu, my former body is just a mere shell of me now, this forbidden Jutsu is similiar to Orochimaru’s substitution Jutsu, but, if Sasuke was going to follow the right path, I would’ve disappeared forever, but I knew something wrong was gonna happen, so I stayed and came out in the right time. Though this Jutsu shortens the life-span.
Danzo: …! No way, I still do not get it! You should be dead! The–
Itachi: Die already. -Appears above him, Danzo slides back to dodge, but that Itachi disappears, as many crows forms behind Danzo, Itachi appears with a Kunai, Danzo then grabs Itachi’s arm, then Itachi grabs him back-

Itachi: It’s over for you.
Danzo: -Turns around- What?! (He can perform the Shadow Clone Jutsu so fast that I can’t even see the hand signs!)
Itachi: I fooled you. -Jumps back as the Shadow clone that’s grabbing Danzo explodes-
Danzo: ?! -Exploded and falls unconscious-
Itachi: Madara…
Madara: If it isn’t my dear old friend, Itachi.
Sasuke: …!

(Team-Sakura scene)
Sakura: I can see them!
Kiba: Let’s go!
Rock Lee & Sai: Right!

(Kakashi & Sai scene)
Kakashi: So?
Sai: We’re gonna reach Sakura and the others soon.
Kakashi: Right.
Sai: But the problem is, they are gonna reach Sasuke sooner.
Kakashi: What?! Let’s move faster. -Focuses his chakra on his feet, as he rushes 3 times as fast-
Sai: …?! He’s…so fast…

(Mizukage scene)
Mizukage: Are you sure?!
Ao: 100% Sure.
Mizukage: Then let’s move!
-They rush towards Sasuke and the others-

(Battlefield scene)
Itachi: There’s something I must do. Sasuke stay back.
Sasuke: ?!
Madara: Hm…(That ruins my plans I guess, oh well.)

What will happen next?! Itachi vs Madara?! Will the others arrive on time?!

Naruto 479: Arrival!


Naruto 478 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (version 4)

Author : jeanericuser

Naruto 478: A Sudden Victory

Itachi stands before Danzo. He smiles and Danzo smiles back. Sasuke looks over at Danzo and suddenly Itachi tries to attack Danzo but instantly Itachi vanishes as Danzo looks at Sasuke.
Danzo: “Nice try Sasuke but unlike your brother you are no where near as good at genjutsu.”
Karin thinking: “So thats how he is doing it. Damn it I must warn Sasuke at once.”
Karin smiles and Madara sees the smile then points to Karin.
Madara: “You will keep your mouth shut if you intend on living past this fight.”
Karin thinking: “Damn it. He must know it too but does sasuke realize as well. hmm”
Danzo smiles and looks at Sasuke. Then he sheaths his sword and brings his hands together.
Danzo: “It would appear you have gained much since you left the leaf village sasuke but you are no where near ready to fight someone like me.”
Sasuke gets angry and Danzo notes the anger on his face. Danzo looks up at Madara.
Danzo: “There is no point in me fighting this one. He is not ready. He has yet to reach the full potential of his sharingan.”
Sasuke: “I will avenge the death of the uchiha clan!”
Sasuke charges forward and Danzo dodges a sword slash. Danzo grips sasuke by the throat and lifts him above the ground. Sasuke struggles and suddenly his eyes widen as he tries to free himself from Danzo’s grip.
Madara: “So be it. You are right Danzo. He is not ready to face someone like you.”
Danzo: “Then I will leave him in your capable hands.”
Danzo drops Sasuke who has passed out on the ground and is laying on the ground in a stunned state. Danzo looks down at Sasuke.
Danzo: “If you and I have survived this conflict, I await our next fight. Till then remember the sacrifices your brother and your clan made. Do not make their sacrifices in vain.”
Madara appears next to Danzo and releases Fuu and Torune next to Danzo.
Madara: “I believe these belong to you. You certainly have surrounded yourself with some very decent underlings.”
Fuu: “Boss I don’t know where we have been but I healed up Torune. If you want us to we can make another attempt to take out Madara.”
Danzo: “Negative. We must return to the village as soon as possible. Madara will trouble us
no further. Correct?”
Madara: “Nothing more needs to be done. Sasuke is not ready to fight you but I must warn you that the other villages have all come together in an alliance to remove you from your position as hokage.”
Danzo: “I will see what I can do to disrupt that alliance. Fuu. Torune. We must return to
konoha immediately with all due haste.”
Fuu and Torune: “Right!”
Fuu, Torune, and Danzo all run away leaving Madara, Sasuke, and Karin behind. Sasuke is looking at the fleeing Danzo and reaches his arm out. Sasuke fades out unconscious. Madara looks down and places sasuke over his shoulder.
Karin thinking: “Damn it. Sasuke was so close but what is going on between Madara and Danzo?
Is there some kind of alliance between the two of them.”
Madara looks up at Karin who is still looking at Danzo.
Madara thinking: “It would appear she has become a liability now. I appologize sasuke but I think I may just have to kill off one of your group’s members.”

Sakura, Sai, Kiba, and Lee are watching as Danzo leaves along with Fuu and Torune. Sakura turns to the others to see Kiba and even Lee have concerned looks on their faces.
Sakura: “Now is our chance. Sasuke is wounded and this may be our only time to take him out.”
Kiba: “But you saw what that guy with sasuke did. We don’t stand a chance against them.”
Lee: “I am with you sakura but this is extremely dangerous.”
Madara: “And what exactly were you intending on doing?”
The others turn around to see Madara standing in front of them with Sasuke on his shoulder along with Karin next to him. Sasuke look up slightly to see Sakura and the others.
Sasuke: “Saaakura?”
Sasuke collapses back on Madara’s shoulder. Karin smiles and pulls out a hidden kunai.
Sakura: “We have come here to retrieve sasuke and bring him back to the leaf village.”
Madara: “No. You have come here to kill Sasuke. I heard you myself.”
Karin: “Lets just kill them and get it over with.”
Madara turns to face Karin. Karin is suddenly surprised as she looks into his mask and at his eye with a nervous look on your face.
Madara: “It is time we determined your exact value to akatsuki. I therefore wish to make a bet.”
Sakura: “ok.”
Madara: “You will face off against Karin to the death. If you win I will give you sasuke. If you lose then your team mates will become prisoners of Akatsuki.”
Kiba places his hand on her shoulder and shakes his head. Sakura moves away from his shoulder and looks at Madara square in the eye.
Sakura: “I accept!”
Karin: “Agreed!”
Madara: “Then the bet is on. If either of you attempt to flee I will kill the one that flees this fight.”
Sakura: “I have no intention of fleeing this fight. I do not flee from fights I know I can win.”
Karin giggles, wipes her glasses, and then pushes them onto her face.
Karin: “By the time this fight is over you just may wish you had chose to flee this fight.”
Madara: “Follow me. You three stay where you are. Any interference will result in your immediate death.”
Madara walks over to the clearing with Sakura and Karin following. They stop in the middle and look at each other while Madara moves to a nearby tree branch. Sakura pulls a kunai from her boot and prepares to fight while Karin smiles at her. Sakura suddenly charges forward and Karin in responce charges forward at her.

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