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Puppy’s Poetry ……. Na Pichhi Rathalu (Volume 1)

Puppy's Poetry .... 😉

About the Author :

hi guys …..

OK OK, i know your first question : First of all who is this Puppy ……

Its definitely not me. He is one of my childhood friends . And i don’t want to disclose his name. So just for the record, we will refer to this guy as PUPPY …. 😛

He was normal until few months back……. 😛 (I mean without a GF and all that stuff. Just kidding) He used to comment other people who had girl friends and made fun of them and used to say “gals are not my cup of tea ”  ….. 😛 Now our Puppy fell in love. I don’t know whether this is good or bad, but he had a breakup with her  and he invoked this hidden poet inside him. And i absolutely don’t know how he can be so sad and funny at the same time and how he can strike the balance between comedy and sentiment.

Daily, when i will be working in the office , he pings me : Hi ra …. and then starts his poetry ……… 😛

And finally,this blog and these posts I am dedicating it to my dear friend Puppy and his Girl friend and from the bottom of my heart I wish them to get back again……. 🙂

Here are some few code snippets from the Gtalk chat history ……. 😛

From Here on its entirely in Telugu. Translated versions will be available after some time ….

(Telugu Poetry)

The famous one liners

  • Preminchaanoo Preminchaaledoo teliyanee naa ee avivevekathvaane emantaarooo Preme cheppali…
  • Kallalo kanipinchee naa swapna sundaree naa kallu mundu enduku kanipinchavu???
  • Shilpam(Raathe Banda) laaantee naa manasunee kadilinichinnaa oo naa preyathaamaa, nee jaadaa nee telusukenede ela??
  • Prema rendu manasulakee sambandinchindi… Maree naa manasee emo nee dagaree undepoyindi…Antee neenu inka preminchadaaniki annarhudinaa!!  Andukee nemoo Prema okasaree puttuthundi, okarithoo thone untundiee ane antaaru…
  • Nuvuu naanu vaddile povachuuu… Kaane naa manasulonunchi polevvu….
  • Nuuvuu Naa nunchee duuuramainaa.. nee gnnapakkalu matramee naa chuttunee untayee…

This one is my favorite ….. 😛

  • Nuuvu online lo unna prateesaree, ping chesthavemo ane pichichivaade la aduruchuusaane— Ede Premaa kaada…Neenu ninnu ping chesinapudu , naaku nee nuchee replyy ranee samyam anthaa NARKAM lo unnatu untundee– Ede Premaa kaada..Nuvvu kotee pratee chat message ke, naa gundee veeye mayillu speed tho paregettu thundee– Ede premaa kaadaa..

If you have any queries or suggestions, please mail them to :

or you can even leave your queries here as a comment …. 😛


New Year 2010 ……………… :)

Happy New Year .... 🙂

Thank God, I am still ALIVE !!!!

Its 12:00 AM here and i can hear people celebrating the new year.

This is Vineeth, reporting from Noida. The temperature is 4 degrees right now and its damn cold over here and i am lying on my bed with my lappy on my lap …. 😉 Thats it for today and will continue this post tomorrow. OK guys, see you and Happy New Year…………… 🙂

I am Back …… 🙂 Its 2nd January,2010; 12:33 PM. I can’t even see the sun now in Noida. It’s damn cold over here and entire city is covered with fog. I did not even get up from my bed ….. 😀 I did not sleep properly today. Since morning i was receiving calls, not able to sleep properly. Finally done with the calls now. On the new years eve, i wasn’t feeling well, so stayed at home and was watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S 5th season. I had completed the entire 5th season yesterday ……. 😀 Apart from that i was learning Punjabi from a person i was chatting …. 😉

Hmm…. no solid plans for today. I have posted some poetry work by my friend. He had his breakup and he invoked the hidden poet in him …. 😛 Coming to the resolutions : There are 3 actually. Keep straight, Exercise more and the third one can’t be disclosed …:P

Once again I wish everyone a prosperous and happy New Year….. 🙂


Merry Christmas …….. :)

Happy ChristmasComing to the end of this year, i just want to scribble some words in my blog ……. 🙂 First of all, Merry Christmas guys …. 😉

This year has been so complex for me and taught me some valuable lessons; how to survive the crisis, handle the pressure, deal with the problems. Overall the lessons were wonderful. Well there are some salient features to be noted. Finished my Engineering, Joined the company: Samsung. Well how can i forget my first job which i had done. Teaching – The Best Job ever. Being a teacher was a wonderful experience and I started my career as a teacher. Worked in TIME for 4 months and later joined Samsung.

Life at Samsung is pretty cool. Working in the mobile division currently in Noida. Its an awesome feeling to be part of a project that you will be using as a product. Training went properly in Jaipur and had a great time with all the freshers. The only fearful fact is that the temperature over here is 5 degrees right now. It may go up to 2 or 3 degrees. Lets hope my body gets adapted to the climate before there is a climate change.

Coming to my team in Samsung, its a superb team with awesome friends. and out team’s : Worker Hard, Party Harder …. 😀   We party a lot. And i got the coolest set of friends over in my team : Jigi, Guri, He-man, bada Sakhshi and K.G. We rag each other, chat a lot and we all pull pranks on each other, though for the past one week, i was the target. I accidentally told Jigi that i had a crush on one girl on the 3rd floor ; thats it … My game over ….. 😛 May be he his seeking revenge on me for what i had done earlier …. 😛

My PCAnd Hey thats my desk in the office………. 😀

Well this year has ended for with 2 perfect movies. Avatar and 3 Idiots . I already watched avatar 2D, this Sunday i am gonna watch it again, this time in 3D …… 😀 Hats off and 3 cheers to the director, James Cameroon. Well coming to the other movie 3 idiots, it is one of the best movies i have ever seen. It will definitely touches one’s emotional cord and make us to think about our lifestyle once again. Its was so fun watching this movie and i laughed till i cried.

Hmmm…. what else ? Lots of stuff to write, but right now getting sleep. OK catch you later guys…. 🙂


Cat 2009 : There will be no Retest (In my Opinion)

cat 2009 by Prometric

A test on nerves

This time, it’s my third attempt in cat. I have been watching the cat pattern for the last three years, each time i take the paper, its a shock for me, and i never complain back and accept the things as they are. The first time i gave the cat in 2007, in which we had 75 questions. No one was expecting 75  questions and everyone was expecting some 90 or 120 questions in the exam, because in 2006 there were 75 questions. So they surprised us by giving us no surprise. After that in 2008, like a bolt from the blue, we got a different question  paper with 90 questions and verbal took the lions’s share of 40 questions with DI and Quant 25, 25 each. Finally cat 2009, its the test on our nerves with just 60 question (20 20 20 each).

There are some pros and cons to be discussed in this years exam. But if we consider both of them together pros will definitely overshadow cons.

Firstly, there is no reason to give such an important task to some foreign company, though we have lot of good IT companies over in India itself. We even got the contract of 2010 and 2014 FIFA world cup’s IT support. Thats the level of technology which India is dealing with right now. So there is no need to outsource this to some foreign company for 40 million dollars. Also IIM’s  made a  contract of 5 years with Prometric. So, CAT will be online only.  But if we see the positive side of this, Prometric is a world renowned American company which organizes GRE, GMAT. When they are organizing at such a high level there will be obviously some technical glitches. Ya, i agree that they should have run some trail runs before the D-Day.

And coming to the Proctors, they have collaborated with NIIT. But most of them aren’t properly trained. In my case, at the center they were good, but when asked a question or a doubt, they weren’t able to answer properly. From next time onwards they must be trained well to avoid inconvenience.

Some people are complaining about cheating going on in some centers. It is said that, some are purposefully restarting the system and are gaining some 10 minutes of extra time. Whereas some others are discussing the answers in the test centers. What difference does it make ??? If he/she is going to make it into IIM’s they wont resort to this kind of cheap tricks. They are not even worth considering to get selected. If they accidentally made it through the exam, they definitely can’t survive the GD/PI. So in my opinion, this time IIM’s must select some extra students for the GD/PI round to nullify the stress or the mental trauma they had caused. So, that they can clearly eliminate the people who are not deserving and can pacify the people who are feeling that they are unfairly treated.

If someone files a cases against IIM, they will definitely say that ” If students can’t withstand this situation, they can’t make it through GD/PI, if they accidentally get through the exam. If a student is worth getting selected in IIM, he will be selected, what ever may be the environment variables, pressures and stress”. And just for the record, getting an admission in IIM is way difficult that to get an admission in Stanford or Harvard. There is no way, IIM is going back on its decision. If IIM decided to conduct the exam to be online, it will be online. Some people are giving the analogies of cat with the Olympics saying that, the student writing the exam is like an athlete who is participating in an Olympics event. If it is cancelled, all the momentum is gone. Ya, its partly true, but still, if you cant face this kind of scenarios, in the future you definitely can’t.

Generally after the exam, IIM’s will be testing your mental acumen in GD/PI, but this time, IIM’s have started this process with the test itself.My friend used to say this: Its like an acid test. If you are precious metal like gold, you can withstand all the conditions, where as the others, will perish in the acid. I totally agree with this statement. So i feel there is no need for a retest as the result will be the same.

PS : – These are strictly my views. I am sincerely sorry for those who missed their test and for the those who were treated unfairly. I know a lot of people doesn’t agree with me, so i am just leaving out a poll to get your views ……. 🙂


Heights of Frustation …..

As the title indicates, iam writing this post in frustation and by the way it is my first one .

I would like to share some of my experiences with you people.

chapter I  — April Fool  

 I still remeber that day, it was the day before April 1st. I challenged my dad that i will fool every one the next day. I was so happy thinking that i will fool every one on the fool’s day and went to sleep.

            It was 5’O clock in the morning. My dad woke up and recollected the words which i had said yesterday – ” i am going to fool every one tommorow “- .  I dont know how people get such kind of ideas,but he got one to fool me as i was so confident to fool others.  He went near the bathroom and brushed his teeth, then took his shaving cream and squeezed that into the mouth of the toothpaste.

            He woke me up in the morning at 6:30 and asked me to go to the bathroom. As usual, i was struggling to get up from the bed, turning like a python on the bed. Finally i made it to the bathroom. I switched on the bulb and took my brush and then, put on the shaving cream on the brush, thinking that it was Colgate :D… But the paste looked green. Generally people will get a doubt and then test it by smelling it or calling their mother or so.. As i was super intelligent i thought that that green colour was due to the reflection that is coming from the yellow bulb ( dont ask me, how i thought like that, it just happend, thats it) . So feeling so good about my reasoning i started brushing . I think there is no need to describe what happened next right ?

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