Naruto 480 manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (Version 5)

by: jeanericuser
Naruto 480: Final Hour Approaches

Danzo is stabbed through the chest while Sasuke is stabbed through the stomach. Danzo looks into Sasuke’s eyes and drops his sword. Danzo grips sasuke with his sharingan arm and in responce Sasuke struggles to get free. Danzo removes his bandage to reveal Shisui’s sharingan eye. The eye suddenly changes to a mangekyo sharingan. Sasuke is shocked as the eye seems to change into a whirlpool like configuration. Sasuke blacks out. Sasuke wakes up to find himself in a dark place with only himself and Danzo. Danzo looks much younger and all his bandages are gone. Danzo smiles and looks around.
Sasuke: “What is this? This isnt tsukyama.”
Danzo: “It is something your brother taught me before he left and now as your godfather it is my destiny now to get you what Itachi meant for you to have.”
Sasuke senses movement all around him. Suddenly dozens of people are shown surrounding all of them. They all open their eyes to reveal sharingans.
Danzo: “Only now in this place can you truly learn what your brother sacrificed so hard for you to have. Behold your destiny.”

Sasuke wakes up to find Karin over his body with tears in her eyes. Karin smiles and then hugs him while crying.
Karin: “Your alive! I had almost thought in that instant you had died.”
Sasuke: “Danzo ……”
Karin: “Dead. You stabbed him before he had the chance to activate izanagi again.”
Sasuke turns his head to see Madara looking over Danzo’s body. Sasuke suddenly hears a voice in his head as if in a memory.
Voice: “And so the vulture shall consume the dead and the beast shall live on once more.”
Sasuke blacks out as Karin is looking him in the face in panic.
Karin: “Sasuke? Sasuke?!”

A voice in the darkness calls out in the darkness.
Voice: “Naruto….?”
Slowly light filters in and the world brightens. Naruto looks around to see Shikimaru, Chouji, Hinata, Ino, Tenten, Neji, Guy, Shizune, and Yamoto all standing by his bed in what appears to be a make shift tent.
Guy: “It is a good thing that Yamoto is not a fast runner. When Neji noticed your chakra was in the area we came to investigate. That is why you are here now.”
Yamoto: “I have told Guy also about what has happened in the last day or so. Already an additional tracker group has been dispatched to track down Sakura and the others.”
Yamoto looks at Shikimaru who looks really embarrassed and sad.
Shikimaru: “Listen Naruto. Im sorry. It was all my fault. I never realized Sakura would take this on her own. I never should have sent her in the first place.”
Naruto: “…..”
Shizune: “It looks like your fainting was the resulting of psychological trauma however I would prefer you got a little more rest. I think you all should leave now. Naruto needs his rest and should be ready to go later on.”
The others all leave the tent while Naruto lays there. As Naruto is about to fall assleep he hears a familiar voice.

Gamakichi: “Yo Naruto. You still awake?”
Naruto slowly sits up to see gamakichi and Fukusaku next to his bed.
Naruto: “Hey. What brings you two here?”
Fukusaku: “We have just been conferring with our contacts in the alliance and came to an arrangement.”
Naruto: “What arrangement?”
Fukusaku: “Instead of you being stuck here at Konoha under armed guard the decision has been made to have you go back to Myobuzokan for an extended period of time.”
Naruto: “When and for how long?”
Fukusaku: “As soon as you feel you are ready to travel. As for how long, that depends on how things go with this war. It could be days or perhaps even years.”
Naruto: “But what about everyone else. They need me right now.”
Fukusaku: “They can do without you for now. It is better that you leave now before you become a burden to them.”
Naruto: “Alright. Give me one day and then I will be ready to go.”
Fukusaku: “One day it is and then I shall return for you. Use this day wisely Naruto cause once you leave I can not tell you for certain how long it will be before you have a chance to return.”
Naruto slowly falls assleep as Fukusaku and Gamakichi leave the tent.


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