Naruto 480 manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (Version 3)

by: State of Naruto
Naruto 480: Day Dream

Madara: looks like Sasuke lost count of the number of sharingan’s Danzo had open (the last sharingan on his arm closes, the eye in his hand is still open)

Sasuke falling to one knee, sh*it (coughing up blood) from the fatal wound to his kidney
Danzo (serious look on his face) : not only did you forget my hand base sharingan, you seem to have forgotten that wind beat lightning, did you think that kusanagi sword jutsu would be enough ? idiot you insult me, DIE !!!!!! Danzo uses the wind sword to attack straight for sasuke’s for head

In the act of trying to kill sasuke Danzo has a (Flash back) to the day of the death of the Third hokage
Danzo&The third hokage: meet on a road known to only the village leaders, unexpectedly there eye’s meet and they pass without a word along with the intense moment but than the third hokage says something to Danzo he never forgot

Third hokage: i know about your fear of death Danzo, just remember one day your life will flash before your eye’s, make sure its worth watching
(End of back)

Danzo: sorry but not today, I will be seeing no sideshow of my life on this day
the sword hits Sasuke head on cutting him in half
Karin (disbelief look on her face) Sasuke !!!!!
Madara: hehe

Sasuke (appears behind Danzo) Sasuke: day dreaming in your world of izanagi i see, you couldn’t tell i used a simple replace technique
Danzo: it doesn’t mean anything in the shape you are in
Sasuke: starts falling in and out of cosciousness

Madara; looks like the storys about Danzo’s fear of death are real after all, but fear of death or not, Sasuke will be dead in a minute or two from the great mass of blood lost if that girl doesn’t heal him

Danzo rushes towards Sasuke Danzo: Damn it I only have 30 seconds than my izanagi jutsu concludes
Madara uses space time beating Danzo to Sasuke a whirlpool absorbs Sasuke into Madara’s mask than Teleport besides Karin

Danzo: i dont think so making a 10 sign hand sign from Danzo’s mouth comes a great tornado, hmm my izanagi is over the last eye closes
Madara: its to big for me to absorb, Danzo uses the chance to case a genjutsu on Karin, Madara, Karin and Sasuke teleports away out of the path of the tornado

Team Sakura only 3 miles away from the battlefield
Lee: woo look at the size of that tornado
Kaba: right not only the tornado but Sasuke smell is dead ahead
Sakura: its a fight !!! Sakura (thinking) what is he doing now
Lee: well what whatever we better hurry
Madara: Karin hurry up and heal Sasuke, than Madara realizes Karin is under the influence of a genjutsu he tryst to release it but to no use Karin’s body nervous system has shut down
The tornado disappears leaving a path of destruction, Danzo has disappeared with the dust

Madara: damn that Danzo that tornado ninjutsu was just one big distraction from him to make his great escape i will deal with him later first Sasuke
Madara: gives Sasuke first aid to buy sometime this will not last long he need serious medical attention and fast

Danzo: looks like the plan worked Madara is not teleporting after me, for now i need to find kabuto so i can refill my arm with sharingan and be able to use izanagi again
team Sakura finally makes it to the scene
to find a unconscious Sasuke and Karin
Sakura: what happen here !!!
Kaba: Sasuke pretty beat up must have been a intense fight

Madara: (thinking Sakura Haruno, just my luck) Madara you guys here to save Sasuke and take him back to the leaf right ?
Sakura; what the hell happen to Sasuke,

Lee: (thinking) i hope Sakura seeing Sasuke like this doesn’t make her forget why we are here
Madara: Sasuke was in a battle with Danzo to revage his clan, but that’s a long story, Sasuke been fatally wounded and needs medical badly or he will die looking straight into the eye’s of Sakura

Kaba: what the hell are you trying to pull the leaf village made a decision to kill Sasuke and now hes about to die thats the best news ever !!!!!!
Madara: thats the leaf’s decision a ? i would like to here Sakura’s decision.
Sakura is completely speechless

Lee: whats wrong Sakura you were so sure a few minutes ago
Madara: me and Sasuke dont have time for this you need help making your decision here it is, think what will Naruto think of you if you just watched Saske beet his death without moving a muscle to try and help him
Sakura’s heart drops
Madara: its your decision to let Sasuke live or to let him die



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