Naruto 480 manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (Version 2)

Naruto 480: The Death OF Danzou

Author : The Icon

(Sasuke and Danzou is Both Pierced is this the real danzou or just another specter)
Sasuke: haaa (forcing his blade in danzou’s chest with chidori) its over danzou
Karin: damn it sasuke is finally able to get to him wait a minute
Danzou: (grabbing sasuke’s shoulders whats over boy) you was able to get to my real body but this is where you die

Sasuke: (jumping backwards away from danzou) what the hell was that i got him down to one sharingan then i am sure i got him with that chidori so how is he still standing)

Madara: i see so thats why!!!
sasuke: (looking at danzou pulling off his bandage off his face)
danzou: (with only the button half of his face viewable) so he was able to stop izanagi who cares about that i will release my full power now that the sharingan in my eye has recovered from submit)

Karin/Sasuke/Madara: looking at danzou’s true face
Karin: what in the world is this guy (zooms up to danzou’s face where the bandages was. it is black and has danzou’s main sharingan there is allot of stitches around the sharingan)

danzou: after this madara will have to be dealt with some other time i don’t have the chakra to fight them both but even if i was to die kabuto already know what to do with my body(danzou summons a medium like snake) abashi if i don’t make it out of here i want you to take my body to kabuto he will have good use for it at least that was part of the deal he and i made) damn you orochimaru why did you have to die.

Sasuke; what is that face so he even has a sharingan in his eye like kakashi eh enough waiting its time i end this once and for all (sasuke hold his hand in the air)

this is the first time i ever use Kirin with my own chakra last time i used it on itachi that was not all my chakra making kirin it was also itachi he helped me with it i just didn’t notice but now.
Karin: don’t tell me sasuke is about to use that technique he couldn’t control it last time if it wasn’t for itachi. but he has no other choice who nows what danzou can do with that sharingan its better to go all out and end it now.(but still if sasuke want any hope of kirin he needs more chakra)

Sasuke: karin what are you doing you should get out of here now
Karin: sasuke take my chakra you will need all of it
Sasuke: but

Karin: just do it sasuke please this is the only way you have to
Sasuke: alright (sasuke bites karin absorbing her chakra and then she passed out after her chakra was gone)

Madara: so she cares for sasuke allot what a noble ally (but can sasuke even control kirin physically)
Danzou: hmm

sasuke; hooch (the sky turn all black and the rain starts to pure down)
sakura/sasuke/sai/lee; (all looking at the sky )
Lee: whats that

Sakura: what the hell that is sasuke’s chakra and he is fighting someone kiba,lee,sai lets hurry and this time i will find you sasuke
Kakashi/yamato/sai: whats that

kakashi: so sasuke is fighting again but who this time Yamato sai head for the direction of that black cloud and don’t let sakura do anything out of the ordinary i have to stay here with naruto go (naruto is still unconscious)
Sasuke: holding kirin ( die. kirin is heading for danzou kirin is larger than last time)

danzou: what a fool he would aim all that power at me without even knowing the abilities of my sharingan oh well too bad i have only one shot at an attack like that. mangekyou sharingan (danzou’s mangekyou sharingan looks like a red rose) with my level of chakra i can’t afford any failure here it comes
sasuke; whats going on my body is being controlled somehow wait a second that must be the sharingan that he has power’s damn it (sasuke no longer have control of kirin because danzou now control sasuke

madara: sasuke you were careless you attacked without even knowing his ability
danzou: now i will use you own pride against you die sasuke uchiha ( danzou is controlling sasuke’s body and it turns out sasuke is aiming kirin at himself kirin strikes sasuke down blowing up the whole place leaving a crater in the ground

danzou: its over hmm (realized something was up and slowly turned around)
Sasuke:(sasuke has chidori in both hands) chidori (the first chidori goes right through danzou’s chest piercing his heart) haaa chidori (the second hits danzou cutting danzou’s head off)

it ends with danzou’s body separated from the head


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