Naruto 478 Manga – Confirmed

Itachi appears in front of Danzou
danzou: !
Itachi eye bleeds
Itachi: Die…
Itachi: Amaterasu!!

478 Susanno Perfected…!!
Danzou seeing itachi Ghost…!!
black flames burn danzou
danzou’s arm ability works
danzou: placed in crow Genjutsu im impressed…
sasuke appears behind danzou
danzou: the…
sasuke: !?
Sasuke motion is stopped
Karin: Sasuke, this is your opportunity why stop!!

sasuke body is covered in a curse
danzou: this genjutsu and itachi’s”Tsukiyomi”, the difference between them both is like heaven and earth.
Sasuke tries moving.
Sasuke: feet…

Dialogue part by numinous

Itachi is in front of Danzou
Danzou: !
Itachi is crying blood.
Itachi: Amaterasu!

478: Susano’o is Complete!!
Itachi’s ghost engolfs Danzou’s right arm in dark flames and Danzou’s eyes start to twitch.

Danzou: It turns out to be a genjutsu to kill me?
Sasuke appears from behind, trying to stab Danzou.

Danzou: Hmmm…
Sasuke’s movement comes to an halt.
Karin: Sasuke’s chance was stopped!

Sasuke’s whole body shows a seal, that starts to grow (Danzou’s Jutsu)
Danzou: You tried genjutsu with Itachi to manipulate me, a variation of Tsukiyomi.
Sasuke (tries to move): Uh…

Madara: He tied his body with that seal? (Sasuke’s neck is shown being grabbed) That moment was a trap.
Karin: ?! (thinking) Sasuke stopped moving?!
Karin rushed towards Danzou.
Karin: (thinking) This guy’s jutsu is to manipulate him.
Danzou kicks Karin’s stomach
Karin: Guha!!!
She’s blown off.

Madara: (Taijutsu? It seems that he wants to preserve him in that state.)
Sasuke is still
Danzou: Kai!
Karin: ! (thinking) What was that?
Danzou watches Madara: How does Sasuke knows Itachi’s truth and why he became a member of Akatsuki? Did you inform him what should be hidden from him?
Karin: ?

Madara stands up
Danzou:Why? A trash of a life as Itachi’s was necessary to save us.
Danzou picks up Sasuke’s katana.
Karin: Uh?
Sasuke: !!

Danzou: You see… this way… that guy is your only mistake.
Danzou picks the edge of the katana.
Karin screams and Madara vanishes

Sasuke reminisces
He remembers Madara’s words about Itachi.
Madara: He didn’t killed… his younger brother and dropped bloody tears, but he killed emotionless his own clan, his own fellowmen… now that you killed him, you understand the meaning of his existence.
Danzou: ?!

Susano’o attacks Danzou with its left arm and injuries Danzou a little.
Madara appears again
Karin: !! He escaped with his life.

Susano’o’s body changes his form, different from Itachi’s version, Sasuke’s Susano’o is complete…

Sasuke: (thinking) You oppressed my clan! (yellling) UOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Danzou’s seal recedes
Sasuke: Ah…

Danzou: Susano’o… it’s completely different from a few moments ago!
Danzou breathes out a Fuuton
Karin: ?! (thinking) Sasuke?! This chakra… is greater than before, Sasuke!
Madara: All right… (thinking) His hatred grows, making him stronger… his body responded to that jutsu… with more power… to make the seal recede.

Sasuke’s Susano’o pulls an arrow and puts it on a bow and fires at Danzou
Danzou: (thinking) I must use the seal in time! Is the only way!
Danzou’s right arm creates a tree
Danzou: (thinking) In a way or another, I had to put that out of the way.
Karin: ?!
Madara:That’s… a tree.. (thinking) He made that grow from his sharingan… but in the Uchiha clan there’s nobody that could do that… what is his secret…
Karin: (thinking) Danzou’s chakra decreased… to parry Susano’o’s attack he had to… what’s with that guy’s ability?
Madara: (thinking) Orochimaru… Danzou must’ve contact him to implant Shoudaime’s cells on his body to improve his power…

Sasuke breathes heavily
Karin: (thinking) His deaths… Some time ago, his death was unavoidable… so his death was real! (yelling) Sasuke!! That Danzou is the real deal! Now is your chance!

Danzou: ! (thinking) This woman has figured out my jutsu?! Now you have little time, you were too slow!
Danzou performs the Hare, Boar and Ram handseals
Sasuke: !
Susano’o fires again.

Danzou’s eye closes
Karin: !!
Susano’o’s arrow pierces Danzou
Sasuke breathes heavily
Karin: (thinking) Yes! As I thought! Danzou’s seals diminished his chakra to perform that jutsu!! And he moved his location, perhaps the strategy wasn’t good enough? ****!

Danzou appears healthy and checks his right arm
Karin: (thinking) That turns out to be a jutsu that heals Danzou’s body… three Sharingan already closed…
Madara: As far as I see, his arm has 10 sharingans… and shodaime’s cells… he has Uchiha chakra and Hashirama’s chakra… if he wanted to, he could easily control the Kyuubi. (thinking) His goal might be Naruto…


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