Naruto 481 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (version 1)

Author: N.V.O. (Itasuke)
Naruto 481: Enter: 3 Mysterious New Members!

(Battlefield scene 2)

Sasuke: Who are…you…?

??? # 3: You don’t need to know my name, Bastard.

Sasuke: …Like I really care about your name, I asked who are you.

??? # 2: Geez, He’s always so rude with others, answer nicely dumb.

??? # 3: You’re one to talk. You’re just falling in love. Girls.

??? # 2: SHUT UP DUMBA–

??? # 1: Enough, you two. We are…

??? # 1, ??? # 2, ??? # 3: The new Akatsuki members.


Sakura: Akatsuki…

??? # 1: As for our names, it’s none of your business.

Sasuke: -Stands up- I’ll…beat up everyone of you. -Mangekyo Unlocked-

Sakura: I’m with you.

Sasuke: No, stay back, they’re too tough for yo–

Sakura: You still think I am useless, and haven’t improved, right? Well, correct that info, because I already battled one of the Akatsuki and I know just how strong they are.

Sasuke: …(One of the Akatsuki…?! Wait…so what Kabuto said about the death of that Sasori was true…) Alright, let’s go.

Karin: (More Akatsuki…)

Kiba: Let’s show ’em our power! let’s go! Wolf-Fang-Over-Fang! -aims towards the Akatsuki members-

??? # 2: Oh…how weak! -spins kicking Kiba and Akamaru off-

Kiba: Gah!

Rock Lee: Leef Hurrica– Wha?!…What’s happening…?!

??? # 3: One of my powers, is that I can control the gravity, game’s up kid. -Kicks his neck sending him far away-

Sakura: Kiba! Lee! …Sai stay back and guard her!

Karin: T-Thank you…(I feel useless)…

Sasuke: It’s our turn to strike.

Sakura: Leave that girl to me…

Sasuke: Got it.

(Naruto & Yamato scene)

Naruto: I…Have a bad feeling…about this…

Yamato: What is it…?

Naruto: I feel like…wait, I have to check something…-Sage Mode: Activate!- (What…?! Strong chakras!) Captain Yamato! Kakashi-Sensei is fighting someone, as well as for Sakura! but…there are many strong chakras…and one seems like…Sasuke…

Yamato: What?!

Naruto: -Stands- I can walk now I guess…Let’s go there before he disappears away from us once again!

Yamato: …

Naruto: I’m going. -Sage Mode: Kyubi Chakra Activate!- -Rushes forwards super fast-

Yamata: Ugh! -covers his face- So…fast…WAIT NARUTO! -Follows him-

(Battlefield scene 2)

Sakura, Sasuke, # 1, # 2 are shown sliding back-

Sakura: *Pant*…*Pant*…

Sasuke: *Pant*…*Pant*…(They’re strong…)

??? # 2: *Pant*…(They’re really tough…I underestimated them.)

??? # 3: Enough playing games! I’ll show you my rea–

??? # 1: You knuckle head fool. -Lands near the two- We have to not show our powers just yet.

??? # 3: Who are you calling a fool you idiot bastard!

??? # 2: Enough you two…

Sakura: No…we won’t lose just yet! Sasuke, Let’s show them our Team-Work!

Sasuke: Right.


Will Sasuke and Sakura be enough to defeat the new Akatsuki members?

Next Time: Sakura and Sasuke, the will of fire burns!


1 Response to “Naruto 481 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (version 1)”

  1. March 2, 2010 at 6:30 am

    Sasuke an dSakura should show a great teamwork. They can defeat those funny guys.

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