Naruto 480 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (version 1)

by: N.V.O. (Itasuke)
Naruto 480: Mangekyo Battle and the Power of the Will of Fire

(Battlefield Scene 1)
Madara: Hm…so you’re serious about this, eh?
Itachi: -Closes his eyes- I lied alot to you Sasuke…but one thing I said was true.
Madara: …
Itachi: -Opens his eyes staring at Madara- I…

-Itachi Suddenly appears behind Madara with a kunai and a kick, Madara barely notices-
Itachi: Am the one that can surpass him.
Madara: (No times to do my Jutsu! he might hit me…) -grabs Itachi’s kick, as Itachi moves forward his kunai, Madara kicks it away and lands backwards- *Pant*…Did you really think that THAT was enough…to beat Me? (He’s fast…)

Itachi: Hm…you didn’t have enough time to make your body permeable. Heh, am I too fast for you…? or is it that your getting old and out of shape?
Madara: Don’t mock me. It’ll be over before you know it.
Itachi: We’ll see about that.

(Wind blows)
-Itachi rushes towards Madara, and does the Fire Ball Jutsu, Madara dodges backflipping and throws a kunai tagged with a paper bomb, Itachi easily dodges the explosion, Itachi is able to see Madara but unclearly behind the smoke/dust. Itachi unleashes Pheonix Flower Jutsu on

Madara, then it appears that it’s a subsitution Jutsu-
Itachi: …A substit–

-Madara rises up from the ground- Madara: It’s over!! -with a kunai aiming for Itachi’s throat, The kunai was kicked away-
Madara: …?!
Kakashi: Seems like this game is fun, count me in.
Madara: …Fine. You two want me to be serious. Then that’s what you’re gonna get.
Itachi: Amaterasu! -Amaterasu is forming on Madara’s arm-
Madara: Gah! -Uses his Time/Space Jutsu to teleport- *Pant*…That did some damage, but–

Danzo: -Appears behind Itachi- Our battle isn’t over yet.
Madara: …!
Itachi: …?! (How did he gain consciousness so fast…?)
Kakashi: Leave him to me. Can you take care of Madara?
Itachi: I can.
Kakashi: Right. -Kakashi & Danzo jumps in the air and begin clashing with kunais-

(Battlefield Scene 2)
Sasuke: …(Can I help them…?) UGH! -Places his hand on his eye- *Pant*…*Pant*…
Sakura: …! …Sasuke…
Sasuke: ?
Sakura: Let me…heal you.
Sasuke: Huh? (Heal…?!)
-Sakura begins healing Sasuke-
Sakura: So…what’re you gonna do next…?
Sasuke: …(…..)…
Sakura: This time, there’s no need to be silent, I know everything there is to know, and I’m not useless as I was before.
Sasuke: …!
Sakura: -Smiles while her eyes closed- Really, you can–

???: Enough chit-chat.
Kiba,Sai,Lee,Sasuke,Karin,Sakura: …!!!
Sasuke: Zetsu…

Black Zetsu: You’re coming with me, Sasuke.
Sasuke: And if I say “No”?
Black Zetsu: Then I’ll suck up your whole chakra until I can drag you back with us.
Sasuke: Hmph. You’re really thinking that you’re able to beat me? I am not in the mood for silly jokes.
Black Zetsu: Well, I won’t be enough to beat you, that’s true. But I got other plans.

??? # 1: Are they the ones?
??? # 2: I guess so.
??? # 3: Should we go directly with the “Kill”?
Everyone: ?!
Who are these mysterious new comers?! What is their purpose?
Naruto 481: Enter 3 Mysterious New Members!


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  1. March 2, 2010 at 6:31 am

    Hmmm…These mysterious members may not last long. That’s my guess.

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