Naruto 479 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (version 2)

by: N.V.O (Itasuke)
Naruto 479: Arrival!

(Battlefield scene)
Itachi: …
Madara: …
Itachi: You lured my brother to the wrong path, it is only because of you that he’s in this condition now, and you even made him fight the 5 Kages! I will never forgive you, for your actions.
Madara: You’re not the one to judge here.
Itachi: We’ll see about that.
Madara: By the way, Akatsuki’s leader is dead, and your partner Kisame is dead too.
Itachi: …Kisame is dead? And the leader too huh.
Madara: …
Itachi: Don’t think I care anymore, I am no longer under the clouds of the “Akatsuki” hidden by its shadows.
-Throws his cloak-

Madara: …
Itachi: Let’s end this.

(Kakashi & Sai scene)
Kakashi: I can see them!
Sai: Seems like we made it before Sakura and the others arrive.
Kakashi: Wait, isn’t that Itachi?! (How’s he alive…but that doesn’t matter, I’ll have to interfere!) Let’s go, Sai!
Sai: Right! -They jump in-

(Team-Sakura scene)
Sakura: I can see Sasuke! let’s go!
All: Right!

(Battlefield scene)
Sakura: Sasuke!!!!!
Sasuke: …Sakura?
Sakura: Why…why’re you doing all this HUH?! Answer me!!
Sasuke: What…the…
Sakura: *Pant* *pant*…(…!! Isn’t that Itachi?! so…he’s not dead afterall.) It’s all because of you!
Itachi: ?
Sakura: Itachi Uchiha!! -Jumps above Itachi with 50% of her chakra covering her hand-
Itachi: (What…power…)
-Kakashi grabs Sakura and lands on the ground-

Kakashi: He’s not the enemy, Sakura.
Sakura: W-What are you saying?
Kakashi: Long story. Just know that he faked it, he never was one of the Akatsuki.
Sakura: …What…Then Sasuke! Why is he with the Akatsuki!
Kakashi: It’s all because of that masked guy.
Sakura: Who…is he?
Kakashi: He’s Madara Uchiha.
Sakura: What?!

Itachi: I don’t blame you for wanting to kill me, Sakura Haruno, it’s a long story, but I’ll correct my mistakes, Promise. -Closes his eyes smiling-
Sakura: …!
Kiba, Rock Lee, Sai: -Lands near Kakashi- Sensei!
Kakashi: You three stay back!
Madara: Itachi…Kakashi…Sakura Haruno, and those three…Sasuke of course will be on Itachi’s side so, there are 7 of them, against me. And you?
Karin: W-Wha?!
Madara: I thought so, Die.
Karin: W-Wait!!

-Sakura rushes in fastly as she punches the pillar and it falls apart, Madara is forced to dodge and lands on another pillar faraway-
Sakura: You…won’t kill anybody, you bastard!
Madara: Another Princess Tsunade I see. She’s gonna be troublesome.
Karin: T-Thank you…!
Sakura: No problem…
Karin: My name is Karin…It’s nice to meet you.
Sakura: I’m Sakura Haruno -smiles- we saw eachother once I believe. But let’s leave the introduction for later, we have other matters to worry about.
Karin: R-Right!
Madara: Hm…

Sasuke: So…you were using me!
Madara: And now, I have no use of you. So I’ll simply kill all of you.
Everyone: …!
Kakashi: We can defend ourselves, Madara.
Itachi: Kakashi…let’s team up, let’s show him our powers.
Kakashi: Meaning “That”?
Itachi: Yes, we’ll go with “That”.
Kakashi & Itachi: Mangekyo Sharingan!!!
Madara: So…it has come to this eh? So be it. Mangekyo Sharingan!!!…Mine far exceeds both of yours together!
Kakashi,Itachi,Madara: …

Three powerful Mangekyo Sharingans in one fight! Which side will win?! And what’s Naruto going to do now?!

Naruto 480: Mangekyo Battle and the Power of the Will of Fire


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