Naruto 478 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (version 6)

by: Sensei-Q
Naruto 478: A Sudden Appearance!

(Sasuke Scene)
Danzo: Itachi……Who should be dead?! How can this be?
Sasuke: What?! You are supposed to be dead!
Itachi: I kept my promise, but you didn’t..
Danzo: I had no choice, they attacked me!
Itachi: I saw everything from inside Sasuke. You are lying to me.
Danzo: Heh, does it matter? It’s too late now. Sasuke is a wanted criminal in all 5 nations. There is NO going back!
Itachi: That won’t be a problem.
Karin: What’s this? Why have they stopped moving all of a sudden? Is Danzou scared?
Madara: Don’t worry, it’s just an old friend visiting. It’ll be over quickly. (As I said, you keep surprising me, even in death..)
(Naruto Scene)
*Yamato is carrying Naruto on his back while jumping from tree to tree on his way to Konoha.*
Yamato: Naruto, I’m sorry.. Let’s hope Kakashi manages to reach Sakura.

Kyuubi: What do you want from me, brat. More power?
Naruto: I didn’t do this. I didn’t come to you. You brought me here!
Kyuubi: I didn’t. So if it wasn’t you, it was something else.
?????: Naruto, it is time.
Naruto: Who is it?!
*From the darkness, a person slowly appears from behind Naruto.*
Kyuubi: That chakra, why haven’t I noticed before.. I’ll never forget the smell of that cursed clan’s chakra!
Naruto: How can you be here? I thought Sasuke killed you that day.
Itachi: I wanted Sasuke to follow the path I’ve planned for him. He ended up taking the other one..
Naruto: You mean… he’s evil, right.
Itachi: No, there is still hope, but we must act fast. Right now he’s fighting Danzo, but I managed to stall it.
Kyuubi: Come closer, so I can crush you.
Itachi: …Mangekyo Sharingan… *Looks at Kyuubi*
Kyuubi: Don’t look at me with those cursed eyes!
Naruto: How are we going to save Sasuke?
Itachi: I will help you, with controlling the Kyuubi. I don’t have that much chakra left, but when I fuse with the other part in Sasuke,
I will be ready to fight together with you.
Naruto: Alright..Thank you, Itachi!
(Sasuke Scene)
Danzo: Why is it that I can’t move.. Is this one of your tricks?
Itachi: You won’t break out of my genjutsu.
Sasuke: What is this. Why are you here! Why did you lie to me!
Itachi: Sasuke, I’m sorry. I tried to make you a hero, but instead you chose to get revenge.
I am very disappointed, Sasuke. But there is still hope, your friends want you back.
Sasuke: It’s too late, all natio-
Itachi: Just trust me, your friend won’t let you down this time. *Smiles*
Danzo: …

”Will Naruto reach the fight in time, and will he transform without losing control this time?
Find out in the next chapter…”

Naruto: 479 – ”New Power, Old Friend”


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