naruto 476 manga : confirmed spoiler … Itachi is Back … :)

Number 477: Don’t speak of Itachi

Danzou’s baffling ability!

Danzou: “As I should expect, Susanoo is ideal for protecting one’s body”

Karin: (What’s up with him?! There’s no doubt he should’ve died just then! There was only one source of Danzou’s chakra, with me able to sense him, so there’s no way it was Kage Bunshin! If that’s the case…could it be genjutsu?)

Danzou: “!” Susano’o attacks *sfx Goggcha!*

Karin: “!”

Danzou: “Impeccable offensive power as well.”

Sasuke: “…”

Karin: (I can’t feel any imbalance in Sasuke’s inner chakra…and my own chakra is stable…so it can’t be that Sasuke and I are caught up in a genjutsu. So…what kind of jutsu is it?!)

Susano’o makes a fist to Danzou *sfx Gaco*

Karin: “Kya!”

Sasuke: “Tch! Amaterasu!”

Danzou: “Guh!” Danzou’s body is engulfed in Amaterasu’s fire

Sasuke: *Huff-huff*

Madara: “Susano’o and Amaterasu even…that’ll wear [him] out. That’s overdoing it in testing out [his] abilities”

Karin: “?!”

Danzou: *sfx bassuu*

Karin: “Behind you!”

Sasuke: “!”

Danzou: “Fuuton: Shinkuugyaku” *sfx fuu*

Sasuke gets hit by the attack

Sasuke: “Kuchiyose no jutsu”

Karin: “Phew…”

Madara: “Oh? A new kuchiyose…since when did he get that?”

Danzou: “Amaterasu…it’s been a while since I’ve see that. You are indeed Itachi’s little brother.”

Karin: “…!” *sfx su*

One of Danzou’s Sharingan pupils shut

Karin: “…!”

Sasuke: “Didn’t I tell you to not speak of Itachi”

Danzou: “Brothers…so while your powers are the same, what your eyes discern are different…the truth of Itachi and its implications isn’t important enough to you/ You lie in the grip of hate, just wanting to lash out/ Making the sacrifice of the Uchiha clan for naught”

Danzou: *sfx suu* “Fuuton: Shinkuuha!” Sasuke avoids it, cutting off Danzou’s arm which falls and has a pupil shut

Karin: “…! This…” *sfx suu* It falls then the arm disappears

Karin: “!” *sfx-surprise*

Danzou: “It’s no use.”

Danzou: “?!”

Danzou: “?!” Around Sasuke there’s crows, and then Itachi’s figure

Danzou: “This is…!” Itachi, who should be dead….why?! The end


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