Solutions to WU’s puzzles and riddles : Gold Chain (medium)

Gold Chain

I am trying to find all the solutions and put them together at a single place, So feel free to add comments and if you have a solution please do post. Cheers … 🙂

Here is the puzzles link : http://www.wuriddles.com/

Question :

a man has a gold chain with 7 links. he needs the service of a laborer for 7 days at a fee of one gold link per day. however, each day of work needs to be paid for separately. in other words, the worker must be paid each day after working and if the laborer is ever overpaid he will quit with the extra money. also he will never allow himself to be owed a link. what is the fewest number of cuts to the chain to facilitate this arrangement and how does that guarantee payment?


4 Responses to “Solutions to WU’s puzzles and riddles : Gold Chain (medium)”

  1. 1 gkrishnan
    October 21, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    9Divide the chain using two cuts, in the ratio 4:2:1. On the first day give the worker 1 part(in 4:2:1), next day take back 1 part and give the 2 part (in 4:2:1).Next day give him the one part as well. The following day, take both 1 and 2 parts back and give the 4 part, and on the next give the 1 part along with the 4, on the next day take 1 part back and give 2 part along with 4 and on the last day give all 3 parts.
    1: 1
    2: 2 (take 1 back)
    3: 1+2
    4: 4 (take 1&2 back)
    5: 4+1
    6: 4+2 (take 1 back)
    7: 4+2+1 (give all 3 parts)

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