naruto 477 manga – raw predictions,spoiler (version 3, good one)


Author : Rock.Lee

Hachibi Scene

Killer Bee : Forgive me brother!!!
Raikage : It’s okay bee…
Killer Bee : What happened to your left hand?
Raikage : It was the Uchiha brat!!! He attacked the Kage Summit….
Killer Bee : That Uchiha Sasuke of the Leaf….. I’ll ruin the Leaf Village !!!!
Raikage – It’s in ruins already…
Killer Bee : What?? How?? When?? !!

Raikage : It was Pain, the rinnegan bearer and the leader of the missing-nin group Akatsuki, went to the Leaf Village to get the Nine-Tailed Kyubi…. He killed everyone coming his way to stop him… and so he attacked the Village Several ninjas were killed and even the 5th Hokage was attacked but Naruto Uzumaki , a genin of the leaf and the host of the Nine-Tailed Kyubi just came on time and saved her…. He even killed Pain and his 6 paths….

So to sum it up….. The Akatsuki is after the Hacchibi and the Kyubi!!!

Killer Bee : (thinking – he must have trained really well with the Kyubi) They’re after me and the Nine-tails!!! But why? What do they want from us??

Raikage : The two members of the Akatsuki from whom you’ve already tackled came to take away the Hachibi from you…. The’ve already got upto the 7 tailed beast and they even got the Kazekage for his beast… So this proves that they can go upto any level to get all of these beasts…

Killer Bee : Then what are they doing with the beasts??!!

Raikage : They’re taking up all of the beasts and storing them in the GEDO MAZO and when all the beasts are collected in it, then it’ll work as a Weapon and can destroy a whole Village just by one shot…. That’s what Madara Uchiha, the founder of the Uchiha Clan and the new leader of the group Akatsuki told us in the summit… He also declared the 4th Great Shinobi World War!!!

Killer Bee : Woah!!! ( thinking : Madar Uchiha must be damn strong to come in front of all the Kage and tell them about the war ) Don’t worry brother, I can take care of myself….

Raikage : No you can’t!! .. The Kage Summit was held for the discussion on the protection of the remaining beasts Hosts and it is conclusion is the 5 Nation Alliance so as to protect the remaining Hosts of the Beasts from any danger !!

And I’m here to take you to Naruto Uzumaki, of the Leaf….
Killer Bee : Why? Anything special??

Raikage : You are the only Biiju existing who has perfectly controlled the Biiju inside you and manipulate him to do your work….. So you have to train Naruto to control the Kyubi…

Killer Bee : What?! So you mean to say that he defeated Pain without the power of the Kyubi??! Is he that strong???

Raikage : Yes… He is strong… After all, he is the son of Minato Namikaze, the Yellow Flash of the Leaf Village…..
Killer Bee : Wow!!! As you say Raikage… It’ll be fun training him then… ( smiling )
Raikage: So let’s get to him quickly!!!

(All the four start moving faster in the trees )

Danzou Scene
(Sasuke jumps forward after seeing danzou behind him )

Madara : (thinking after seeing Danzo’s Teleportation Jutsu : When I use this jutsu I goto a 1 dimension portal, where as it seems that he can go to a 6 dimension portal because of his speed of using the teleportation Jutsu , no wonder he can use this jutsu more swiftly and easily than me…. And so he can easily beat the crap out of Sasuke )

Danzou : Surprised both of you!!! ( ignits amaterasu at Sasuke)

(Sasuke dodges it )
Madara : Sasuke, let’s go for now… It’s not the right time for you to fight him… You have just returned from a battle !!

(Suddenly, Danzou starts coughing blood and four eyes of his hand start bleed )
Madara : You’ve grown weak Danzou !!! ( thinking : Since four of his eyes are bleeding so he has got four mangekyo sharingan and two EMS on his hand for teleportation….. That’s quiet a lot ! we must hurry to leave or we may end up here )

Danzou : It seems someone is scared!!! HAHAHA * EVIL LAUGH * … Die Sasuke!!!!
(charges his sword with chidori )
Sasuke : What on Earth are you??? How do you??!! ( thinking: He can even charge Chidori )
Danzou : I’m your worst NIGHTMARE !!! ( Disappears )

(Danzou appears behind Sasuke )
Sasuke : Huh !!!
Danzou : DIE !!!!

(Sasuke tries to evade the chidori attack but has got a hit on his right hand )
Sasuke : Aahhh!!!! ( Sasuke is bleeding heavily ) I’m gonna kill you!!! ( shouting )
(Sasuke turns and tries to attack danzou but he disappears again )

Danzou : ( appears a 100m away, infront of Sasuke ) You can’t even touch me Sasuke!!!!

(Karin runs towards Sasuke to heal him )
(Suddenly, Madara appears in front of Sasuke and Karin )
Madara : Sasuke, it’s not the right time to fight him… let’s leave!!!

SFX – Woof!!

Madara – Sasuke, now it’s the time!!!
Sasuke : For what??? Why did you bring me here again??? I would have killed him!!
Madara : It’s time for you to implant ITACHI’S EYES IN YOUR EYES !!!

(Sasuke is shocked )


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