naruto 477 manga – raw predictions,spoiler (version 2)

Naruto 477: Mangekyo Sharingan Vs. Mangekyo Sharingan!

Author: N.V.O. (Itasuke)

(Danzo & Team Hawk scene)
Sasuke: Y-you…already possess Mangekyo Sharingan?
Danzo: I do. Now…witness its powers!
Sasuke: Tch..!
Danzo: (Activate.)
Sasuke: …
Danzo: …
Madara: Hm, what’s the matter?
Karin: Sasuke! do something before he unleashes his Mangekyo Powers! we don’t know what they ar– ?!
-Sasuke appears behind her with his sword trying to cut her head off-
Madara: Oh no! -Appears between Karin & Sasuke and blocks Sasuke’s attack by grabbing his hand-

Sasuke: Tch…
Madara: Sasuke…are you ok? -un-grabs his hand-
Karin: T-Thank you Madara.
Madara: Just stay on your guard.
Danzo: (Now it’s my turn.) -Lands near Sasuke- We’ll take you on, Madara.
Karin: (Something’s not right…)
Madara: Of course…Shisui’s ability, Mind-Control.
Danzo: Indeed. but, it’s not like the old-simple Mind-Control DouJutsu. Where I control him, and have to concentrate on him, so that makes me unable to do my own moves, because then it will be obvious that he’s being controlled, at any rate, When activating the Mangekyo, I can fully control him, and make him like a puppet of my mine, I’ll just have to guide him, while I’m able to make my moves as well.
Madara: Good ability, but, are you sure you’d be able to control Sasuke for so long?
Danzo: ?! -Sasuke appears behind him with and throws Chidori Senbon towards Danzo as Danzo slides back-
Sasuke: Heh.
Danzo: (What’s happening?)
Sasuke: The hatred in my heart is stronger than your will to control me, not even a Mind-Manipulation Jutsu will work on me.
Danzo: …

Karin: Sasuke…-Smiles happily- what?!
Madara: -Lands near Karin and whispers- What is it?
Karin: 4 Konoha Ninjas are on their way here!
Madara: No big deal, I’ll take care of them, just take care of Sasuke, and yourself too. -Disappears-
Karin: R-Right…
Danzo: Him being out of the way is the best solution. Now, for my next Mangekyo Technique.
Sasuke, Karin: ?!
Sasuke: What…
Karin: More?!
Danzo: Hmph, actually, your friends, that nine tails brat and Sakura Haruno, Tsunade’s pupil aren’t pleased about assassinating you, infact, they tried to stop the idea of killing you but…
Sasuke: (Sakura…Naruto…Kakashi…)
Danzo: I’m not planning to do so, assassinating you, would be a very pleasing thing for me to do!
Sasuke: !

(Team Sakura scene)
Kiba: Someone’s coming!
Rock Lee: Cover yourselves! -Everyone hides behind a tree-
Madara: Show yourselves, I know you’re hiding.
-They all appear-

Sakura: It’s that…
Kiba: It’s you again! (Something’s not right…wasn’t he kinda a silly fool before?)
Madara: Hm…That girl…and the two of you too, but you’re not familiar (referring to Rock Lee.)
Rock Lee: That is right, we have not met before, but I will take you on if you stand in our way!
Madara: This time, no fooling around, you’ll get to see the real me. -Kiba, Rock Lee, Sai are standing in a straight line as Sakura jumps in and lands infront of them-

Sakura: You’re so right. Opens the button of her cloak as she throws her cloak away- This time, there will be no fooling around. Guys, just back me up.
Kiba: Don’t rush things up! we have to make up a strateg–
Sakura: And then what? losing the trace of Sasuke like the last time? I don’t plan to.
Madara: So, you wanna fight huh? You don’t know what you’re going through little girl.
Sakura: Don’t worry, I already know how tough Akatsuki members are.
Madara: Oohoo, so you were the one that defeated Akatsuki’s Sasori of the red sand, aren’t you? Interesting.

Sakura: (I have to analyse his moves first, then I’ll choose the right time to attack. It seems, he can erase some parts of his body, but he also need to become solid to attack, or so it appears. That would be the time for me to strike!) Now! let’s finish things here and force our way through!

Kiba, Rock Lee, Sai: Right!
Sakura: This is it…(To put all my training into the test! this is ‘the’ big one! where “I” bet it all…where I put “My” life on the line! This is for Sasuke…and Naruto as well, I will not fail! watch me…Lady Tsunade!)

Will Sakura and the others be able to take on Madara now that Sakura analysed Madara’s techniques and moves?! And what are Danzo’s Mangekyo powers?!

Next Time: Strike or be killed, Sakura’s strategy!


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