naruto 477 manga – raw predictions,spoiler (version 1)

Author : Sensei-Q

Naruto 477: The Ultimate Power!

Danzou: Impressive, you’ve unlocked the third power.. But that won’t be enough to counter what I’ve got.
*Danzou’s right eye starts to bleed*
Danzou: Mangekyo Sharingan! *

Kakashi: Argh!
Naruto-Yamato-Sai: !?
Naruto: Kakashi, there’s blood leaking from beneath your headband!
Yamato: Senpai, what’s wrong?!
Kakashi: *removes headband revealing his Mangekyo activated*
Kakashi: I don’t know, my Mangekyo suddenly activated on it’s own! Argh!
Naruto-Yamato-Sai: ?

*Danzou has activated his Mangekyou!*
Sasuke: Bring it on, freak.
Danzou: heh..
Sasuke: …What?!
Sasuke: (Why have I suddenly become so heavy?!)
Sasuke: Argh! *drops on his knees while Susano`o starts to fade*
Danzou: You can’t avoid this, you will die very soon…
Sasuke: (Shit!) *jumps to the left*
Sasuke: I see, so that’s what your power is.
Danzou: So you’ve found out what it is without dying. Stubborn brat..
Sasuke: (So he can manipulate gravity..That can be a problem..)
Sasuke: It seems that you can only use that technique on a small area.
Karin: (That such a technique even exists!)

Tobi: -funny voice- Well, what are you kids waiting for?
Sasuke: Why are you preventing us from getting to Sasuke?!
Tobi: -funny voice- Because he’s a bit busy right now!
Sai-Lee-Kiba: !
Tobi: -funny voice- Huh? Where’d she go?
???: …Behind you…
Tobi: -funny voice- Shit!
Sakura: Hell yeah!!
*passes through Tobi*
Sakura: What the? (Not again!)
Tobi: -real voice- You’re no match for me.. Stop trying and return to your wrecked village.
Lee: Konoha Big WhirlWind!
Tobi: -real voice- Are you serious?

Kakashi: Argh! I can’t turn it off!
Yamato: How could it activate on it’s own?
Kakashi: I don’t know, it suddenly turned on!
Kakashi: (Wait..Could it be…!)
Naruto: What’s wrong Sensei?!
Kakashi: *Pant*, we need to get to Sasuke!
Yamato: Why?
Kakashi: I’ll explain later, let’s go now!
Naruto-Sai-Yamato: ?
Sasuke: (I can’t defend against gravity.. I need to find a way to counter that technique.)
Danzou: It’s over. Die…
???: No it’s not..
-Doton: Retsudo Tenshou!-
*The ground beneath Danzou’s feet starts to fall apart*
Danzou: (Damn you..)
Yamato: Senpai, It seems we’re not too late.
Sasuke: Don’t interfere. Orels-
???: Sasuke, it’s been a while.
Sasuke: ?!
???: It’s me, your ”friend”..

”Is ‘Danzou’ really who we think he is? And how will Sasuke react now that ‘his friend’ has arrived?


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