naruto 476 manga – raw predictions,spoiler (version 1)

by: N.V.O. (Itasuke)

Naruto 476: Reunion! Sakura Approaches!

(Team Sakura scene)
Sakura: Are you sure about this, Kiba?
Kiba: Yeah, that’s Sasuke’s scent, no doubt about it…and plus, my nose never mistake’s, same goes for Akamaru, isn’t that right boy?
Akamaru: Woof!
Rock Lee: So, what are we waiting for? let’s move!
Sakura: Right!
Sai: …-Closes his eyes-…

(Team Kakashi scene)

Kakashi: So, as I said, leave it all to me, get it Naruto?
Naruto: Mm…Alrig–
Sai (The ink clone): -Opens his eyes- We found Sasuke.
Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato: ..?!
Yamato: What?!
Kakashi: …are you sure?
Naruto: …Uh…please answer the question Sai! are you sure?!
Sai: Yes, we are sure. Kiba said so, and he also said that their noses never mistake’s, and that there’s no doubt about it, that the scent belonged to Sasuke. He also has one person with him.
Naruto: One person or a thousand! Lead the way, Sai!
Sai: …Right.
-They start rushing to Sakura and the others-
Naruto: …(Just don’t do anything stupid, Sakura!)

(Anko scene)
Anko: No…way…what have you done to yourself, Kabuto?!
Kabuto: -Looks 75% like Orochimaru- Hehehe…Hahahaha! Kabuto no longer exits, I’m someone far beyond that normal person…I am, “the” Serpent! known as…Kabutomaru!
Anko: What…? Grr…-grabs a kunai- Ninja Art: Striking Shadow Snakes! -Snakes dashes towards Kabutomaru-
Kabutomaru: Ninja Art: Dashing Wrapping Snakes! -the snakes that Kabutomaru unleashed countered those of Anko’s-
Anko: Wah?! -Another snake of Kabutomaru dashes towards Anko and wrapes her up-
Anko: Gah…You! *pointing on Terai* we are from the same village! won’t you help me?!
Terai: Heh, actually, I was ordered to kill you, if you did not accept to retreat from this mission.
Anko: What?! You fools…
Terai: I’ll gladly take my time helping him to finish you off.
Anko: -Gets really mad-…You…I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! -Breaks off from the snake- I’ll kill you BOTH! -Claps both hands together releasing big amount of chakra- HAAA!!!
Kabutomaru: Oh? such power…Hehehe..Hahhaha! That won’t change a thing! you’ll still DIE!
Anko: We’ll see about that! I’ll kill you both you maggots! -She rushes towards them-

(Danzo and Madara scene)
Danzo: I’ll get serious now, you two just stay behind me.
Madara: Ooh? Hm, you really don’t want me to get serious, Danzo. I’m here to talk.
Danzo: I, Danzo of the Leaf, would never unite with the likes of you! as the 6th Hokage, I’ll finish you off, right here.
Madara: …Ahahahahahaha! don’t make me laugh! Don’t go all “innocent” on me, now now, you don’t really believe that you’re the confirmed 6th Hokage, do you? they’re gonna stand against you.
Danzo: -Staring at Madara-.
Madara: As I said, I’m here to talk, so just listen to me.

(Sasuke and Karin scene)

-They are both walking-
Karin: Where will we be going now?
Sasuke: …
Karin: What about Suigetsu and Jugo?!
Sasuke: …
Karin: (You’ve completly changed…Sasuke…I–! what is this?! 4 strong chakras! they’re from the Leaf!) Sasuke! we’ve got company!
Sasuke: …! Who are they?
Karin: Leaf Ninjas!
Sasuke: Hmph, just ignore them.
-Fang over Fang! it aims on Sasuke and Karin — Sasuke slides to the left direction as Karin slides back to the right direction-
Karin: What was that?!
Sasuke: …Same old Kiba.

Kiba: Heh, aren’t you happy to see us?
Sasuke: Us?
-Rock Lee & Sai appear-
Sasuke: Oh…so you’ve came too huh? I won’t come back, I have no business with you guys anymore, just go away. -turns around and starts walking while Karin is still standing-
Kiba: We didn’t come to take you back, actually.
-Sasuke stops-
Sakura: Long time no see, Sasuke.(Sasuke…look at you, you’re all messed up…I can see darkness in your eyes…)
Sasuke: -Turns around-…Well, well,If it isn’t Sakura.
Karin: Who’s she?! (I won’t make her take my Sasuke if that’s what she wants!)
Sakura: -Opens the button of her cloak- We came, to put an end to you. -throws her cloak away-…
Sasuke: …-Faces them- Are you guys serious? you are no match for me.
Sakura: Sasuke, you know nothing about me…I’m not the same old Sakura.
-Sakura punches the ground breaking it all apart as the ground under Sasuke and Karin breaks apart too, Sasuke Jumps, and so does Karin-
Karin: (W-what?! such insane power?!)
Sasuke: (What the…? since when does she have this kind of strength?)
-They both land on the ground, Karin lands 7 meters away from Sasuke-
Sasuke: …
Kiba: (Oh man, she is getting serious, it’s best if we stay behind and back her up if anybody tries to attack her.)
Karin: Sasuke! Just kill her already! she’s a–
-Sakura appears infront of Karin preparing for a punch-
Karin: What the?!
Sasuke: Karin! get away! -rushes towards Karin- (She won’t be able to survive that…)
-Sakura punches Karin away as she falls on the ground bleeding,Unconscious, Sakura lands sliding as Sasuke grabs his sword aiming at Sakura-
Sakura: -Faces Sasuke- , Punches the ground making Sasuke unable to come any closer as he back flips and lands backwards-
Sakura: …This time…(I will protect you, Sasuke! I’ll protect you from the dark!)…I won’t hold back like the last time!
Kiba: Woah!
Sasuke: Heh, I heared you took down one of the Akatsuki, that Sasori of the sand, I couldn’t believe it at first, but it’s clear to me that it’s possible.
Sakura: …
Rock Lee: One is down!
Sasuke: Don’t…make me…get serious…-Activates Sharingan-
Sai: (This is bad, we don’t stand a chance against the Mangekyo Sharingan.) -closes his eyes-

(Team Kakashi scene)
-Leaping from tree to tree-
Sai (The Ink clone): -Opens his eyes- Sakura is fighting Sasuke, we are backing her up, she defeated the person that was with Sasuke, Sasuke seems to be getting serious now.
Naruto: *Is so shocked* W…what?! we gotta get there now! -moves faster-
Kakashi: (Sasuke getting serious…there’s no telling what he might do…this is bad…)
Yamato: Oh boy, at least Sakura did us a favor and got rid of Sasuke’s subordinate.
Kakashi: Yeah…Sai, keep being up-to-date.
Sai: Right.
Naruto: (Sakura…she’s in danger!)

(Team Sakura and Sasuke scene)
Sakura: Sasuke, give it your best shot! (I’ll fight you, even if it means my death…I’ll put “My” life on the line!)
Sasuke: Sakura, I would hate to fight you seriously, but I won’t allow anybody to stand in my way, be ready for what’s coming.
Sakura: I’m Ready.
Sakura fights Sasuke at last? now that Sasuke is getting serious, does Sakura stand a chance? Sasuke might even unleash his Mangekyo powers, what will Sakura do? how will Naruto react when he reach them?
Next Time: Darkness Conquers, the Fairy Tale falls apart!


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