naruto 475 manga – raw predictions,spoiler (version 5)

Author: jeanericuser

Naruto 475: Danzo vs Madara

Fuu and Torune slowly step infront while Danzo places his hand over his eye. Danzo lifts up the bandage to reveal the sharingan. Danzo nods to Torune and then Fuu who both move back several feet. Danzo presses a button on his arm causing it to fall off. Danzo removes his sword from his scabard and looks up at where Madara is.

Madara: “So you too have acquired the sharingan. I guess after the last time we fought you decided to acquire a sharingan yourself. Let us see how much it has really improved your skill.”
Danzo: “…”
Fuu: “Torune, Why does the boss always wear that brace on his arm?
Torune: “Its not actually a brace. Its more like a counterweight. It serves a both a restraint and a training tool. Just watching and you will see why.”

Madara does a hand sign and then a black bladed sword with a jeweled handle comes out of Madara’s sharingan eye. Madara grips the handle as the last of it comes out. Fuu and Torune are mystified while Danzo lets off a faint smile. The sword gives off an ominous glow as Madara swings it around as if testing it. Madara then turns to Danzo. He suddenly vanishes and reappears on the ground several feet away from Danzo.
Madara: “Shall we begin?”

Danzo charges head long and the two of their blades clash causing black sparks to arc off Madara’s blade. Danzo tries to swing his blade at Madara at a downward slash but Madara narrowly dodges the slash while at the same time swinging his own blade towards Danzo’s head.

Danzo narrowly dodges the slash and attempts to stab Madara upward as Madara pivots from the head slash. Madara smiles and swings his head back narrowly missing a stab to the throat. Madara jumps back a step and lets out a sigh. Danzo smiles and charges headlong with a downward slash. Madara smiles and charges forward with a slash to the side of Danzo. Danzo grips his side as his bandage shows signs of bleeding. Danzo gives off and angered look and then proceeds seperate his legs for a wider stance. Madara steadies himself to prepare for an attack.

Danzo charges headlong forward and tries several extremely fast slashes from different angles. Each time Madara easily parries each slash with minimal problems. The slashes continue in fast succession as the two of them fight around the forest until Danzo fails to connect with a slash to Madara’s side which easily passes through madara with minimal effort and passes to the other side opening up the rest of Danzo’s body to an attack which madara attempts to slash at resulting in Danzo blocking which causes Danzo’s blade to shatter in pieces as it strikes Madara’s blade. Danzo in responce jumps back, grips his side as it continues to bleed, and starts to breath hoarsely. Danzo places his sword into the ground. Fuu and Torune both have surprised looks on their faces while Danzo looks nervous.

Danzo: “What is it you want Madara?”
Madara: “I have come to collect on our agreement we made years ago. You said when the time came you would be willing to pay any price to eliminate the uchiha clan.”
Danzo: “You were not the one who carried out the elimination of uchiha clan. Itachi did that not you.”

Madara: “That part is not important. The point is I made it possible for your people to seize control of things once belonging to my clan including the eye you possess now. I want that which was promised to me.”
Danzo: “And if I refuse?”
Madara: “Then I shall take what is mine and I shall destroy all that you have worked so hard to build.”
Danzo: “How much time do I have to give you what you want?”
Madara: “Until the next full moon. If you refuse you know what will happen. Remember until the next full moon.”
Madara teleports away leaving behind Danzo with a nervous look on his face while Torune and Fuu head over to Danzo.
Danzo: “We must get back to the village. We do not have much time to prepare.”
Torune: “What is it that Madara wants exactly?”
Danzo: “Naruto.”

Garaa: “So what shall it be Naruto?
Naruto places his hand on Garaa’s shoulder and takes it off. Garaa is surprised by the gesture.
Naruto: “You tell me this war is to protect the hachibi and kyubi from Madara but I see that there is more to it then that?”
Garaa: “What do you mean? There is no other motive.”
Naruto: “Yes there is. You and the other villages each feel a sense of guilt, fear, and in some cases shame for your actions that have allowed akatsuki to get this far.”
Garaa: “…”

Naruto: “Is it not true that you lost your bijuu to akatsuki? Did your village take whatever steps were necessary to protect you?”
Garaa: “But I uhh…”
Naruto: “The same goes for the cloud village. They didn’t protect their jinchuriki and it was almost captured.”
Garaa: “Naruto we are doing this to protect you.”
Naruto: “No you are doing this to make up for your sense of failure of being unable to protect your own bijuu. It is for that reason you now try to protect me despite the fact that maybe I may not need that protection.”
Garaa: “And what would you have me or the rest of the villages do? We can’t let Madara revive the Juubi.”
Naruto: “For starters, you need to stop trying to pretend you have the power to hold off Madara. You can’t even defeat sasuke so what makes you think you can fight off Madara? You are best to forget about that which you can’t face and deal with that which you can.”

Kakashi thinking: “Harsh words Naruto but none the less true.”
Naruto: “If you want to truly help me in this conflict then we must make sure that foolish mistakes of the past are not made again starting with my former teammates and friends attempting to eliminate Sasuke themselves.”
Garaa: “The others are gonna try to do that? Thats crazy. It would be a massacre if they tried to attack him now.”
Naruto: “Once we get that under control we must stop viewing this as a standard war. Madara doesn’t have any intention of starting a real conflict. This is just a smokescreen to keep everyone busy with preparations while his forces strike discretely where ever they wish to do so.”

Kakashi: “What exactly did you have in mind Naruto?”
Naruto: “We need to do what the original plan was from the beginning. Learn all we can and little by little chip away the members and associates of akatsuki. As we do so we can learn where and how they get their information.”
Garaa: “So you are saying that this war is not one that we should fight by open warfare but actually by selective elimination and capture?”
Naruto: “Exactly.”
Garaa: “And to what end do you expect all this information gathering and elimination to reach?”
Naruto: “If we find the sources of their intelligence gathering we can feed them false information. This information can be used to divert the attentions of akatsuki away from one area allowing for a potentially fatal weakness in another.”

The others’ eyes all widen when they think about the depth of what Naruto has just suggested.
Kakashi thinking: “I doubt Madara has thought about this.”
Garaa: “And you think this can be accomplished?”
Naruto: “I am certain of it. I think Jiraiya had similar plans prior to his death and his death in a way gave us the info on the place to strike. We now know the headquarters of Akatsuki and where to strike akatsuki in a way that will hurt madara the most.”
Garaa: “If I sent Temari and Kankuro back to Konoha with Kakashi and Yamoto, would you be willing to speak to the others about this information? I suspect you know more as well correct?”
Naruto: “Yes and I agree to go with you if Kakashi and Yamoto do not mind.”
Kakashi: “I concur with Naruto’s assessment. If your plan works it could allow for a quick end to this war.”
Naruto: “Sai I need you to do whatever you can to delay sakura. She must not find Sasuke. Go ahead and disperse. There will be others to help you soon.”
Sai: “Thank you Naruto.”
Sai smiles and the clone disperses into ink.
Garaa: “Alright its settled. Temari. Kankuro. Head back to Konoha and inform them of the present situation concerning Danzo and Madara. Once you are done head back to the Sand Village. I will meet up with you later.”
Temari and Kankuro: “Understood.”

Kakashi: “I guess we had better head out Yamoto. Take care Naruto and do not worry about the others. We will deal with them later. Just be sure to not tell them about what Madara said earlier. We have no certainty on if what Madara said is true or not. ”
Naruto: “….”
Kakashi and Yamoto head away with Temari and Kankuro. Naruto turns to Garaa and smiles.
Garaa: “What was he talking about earlier? What did Madara say about you? Any information that Madara may think is important may be of use.”
Naruto: “Madara thinks I may be a decendant of the Senju Clan.”
Garaa thinks about it while Naruto remembers Madara wearing his mask.


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