naruto 475 manga – raw predictions,spoiler (version 4)

Author: N.V.O. (Itasuke)

Naruto 475: Danzo vs Madara!

(Team Kakashi & Sand siblings scene)

Gaara: Naruto Uzumaki, I don’t want to give you any pressure, you’ll have to choose what you’ll have to do.

Naruto: -Looks down- …..
Kakashi: …
Yamato: So, what’re we gonna do now?
Kakashi: I’d say we go back to the village to report this, just to let them all now and be ready for what’s coming next, then there comes your part of rebuilding Konoha, Yamato, I’d say you have your strength at it’s full, isn’t that right?

Yamato: Uh yes, Senpai.

Kakashi: Good, if I was to be chosen to be the current Hokage, I’m still going to check up on Lady Tsunade first, she’s unconscious, but that doesn’t mean her role as Hokage is over.
Gaara: …Right, Kakashi Hatake, do what you see is right to do, well we came to tell you the recent news, and we did, but we’ll have to go back to our village and prepare for what’s coming next too, we’ll stay in touch.

Kakashi: Right.

(Gaara, Kankuro and Temari leaves)
Naruto:…(Darn it..Darn it..Squad 7 is gonna be ruined..just like that?!)…tsk..
Kakashi:..-Looking at Naruto- *Sigh*..Naruto.

Naruto: -Turns around-
Kakashi: Take it easy,Leave it to me, you got your shot, fought Pain, defeated him, and saved the village, now, it’s my Turn.
Naruto: …! *Looks at Kakashi shocked*

(Danzo and Madara scene)
Danzo: You’re not welcomed here, don’t stand in my way.
Madara: Really? -Places his hand on his mask- then I’ll just force you to listen to me.
Danzo: Is talking what you’re aiming for?
Madara: Yes, indeed.
Danzo: You old fool, you never stop telling long-stories eh?
-Madara appears behind Danzo- Madara: You ‘will’ listen to me, wether you like it or not.

Danzo: We’ll see about that.

-Torune and Fuu appears infront of Madara preparing for a punch and a kick, Torune tries to kick but his kkick went through Madara, as for his punch, Fuu goes behind torune and prepares to cast his Mind-Transfer Jutsu-

Fuu: You may be fast, by using your time/space Jutsu, but this Jutsu is not physical, it can’t go through you! -Ninja Art: Mind Transfer Jutsu!-

Madara: You fool! -Uses his time/space Jutsu to escape to the top of a building that he was standing on before, as Fuu falls on the ground as he missed the aim-

Torune: FUU! (Darn it, now we’ll have to wait 7 minutes for Fuu to get back!) -Throws a kunai tagged with a paper bomb towards Madara as Madara backflips, dodging and lands infron of them once again-

Madara: Now it’s your turn, you’re next, Danzo.

Danzo: Hmph. -Points his right arm towards Madara- I’m not just gonna sit back and watch. -He launches poison needles from his right metal arm-

Madara: That won’t hit me!

Danzo: Is that so? -The needles are cut in half revealing a special kind of poison fog as the fog covers all around Madara- this fog counters the Time/Space Jutsu of yours.

Madara: -Holds his breath- Mmm…-steps his foot on the ground- Earth Style: Earthquake’s Air Stream-…-The fog disappears- So, what comes nex– -A giant shuriken is thrown towards Madara- Woops! -ducks- Hehe, that was close, I gotta say, You are good at trickin–!!

Danzo: As I said, you never stop talking you fool.
Torune: Seems like Fuu got him, heh.
Fuu (In Madara’s body): Hah, got him.

Madara in his mind: Really? was this what he was aiming for? he sure tricked me by making himself really used that jutsu, but, jutsus at this level won’t take me down.

Fuu (In Madara’s body): Wh–…what’s this?!?! AAhhh!! -Release!-
Fuu: -Wakes up- Wah!
Danzo: What happened?
Fuu: He’s just too strong, I can’t control his body.
Madara: Now, Let me get serious. -glares-
Danzo: So, it’s a Sharingan vs a Sharingan eh? fine.

(Sasuke & Karin scene)
Sasuke: Ah…ah…-opens his eyes slowly as his injuries aren’t fully healed-
Karin: Sasuke! ar–are you ok?!
Sasuke: Y-yeah..I am..where are we?
Karin: Madara put us in here, there’s a hole over there for us to get out.
Sasuke: Is he fool enough to let us get out of here when we can run away freely?

Karin: No, don’t forget that he can trace us anywhere and find us right away like he did before.

Karin: Take it easy! your injuries aren’t fully healed yet!
Sasuke: It’s ok, I’m fine. Let’s just get outta here.
-They went out to the real world-

(Team Sakura scene)
Kiba: Found them!
Sakura, Lee & Sai: …!!
Rock Lee: You did?!
Sakura: Lead the way, Kiba!
Kiba: Right, follow me! -They start leaping from tree to tree-
Sakura: …(Just wait for me Sasuke, I’m coming for you!)…


Madara vs Danzo, Sharingan vs Sharingan! what will happen next, now that Sakura and the others found Sasuke?!


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