naruto 475 manga – raw predictions,spoiler (version 2)

Naruto 475: Crushing the Past

Author : Numinous

(Madara Scene)
(Torune and Fuu charge against Madara)
Madara: What a foolish move. (both pass through Madara)
Torune: (thinking) Like the records say, he has a space/time jutsu… (Danzou approaches with his metallic arm glowing)
Madara: This can be troublesome… (performs a Tiger handseal combined with an Ox handseal; Danzou prepares to punch)
Madara: Doton: Earth Style Wall! (an earthen wall stops Danzou’s punch, enclosing Madara within it)
Danzou: Humph, resourceful as always. (pulls off his arm from the rock)
Madara: It seems you found a way to counter my jutsu… too bad I have other cards on my sleeve. Even if you try Fuuton, my Katon will counter it. So let’s have a nice little chat, shall we?
Danzou: … As you wish. But tell me one thing first.
Madara: Is it about Sasuke?
Danzou: Why did you send him after me? I thought the pact we did was pretty clear on not framing each other.
Madara: It was eight years ago, you wanted the Uchiha clan exterminated and Shisui’s Sharingan and arm to replace what you lost in the battle against the Sandaime. I wanted my revenge on the clan and an eye container, so it was win-win.
Danzou: But still after that you did what you did…
Madara: Remember our agreement? My part was to help you achieve the status of Hokage and give some of the power of the Bijuu, while you’d convince Itachi to murder his own clan with Shisui’s Sharingan and hand me over the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki. Needless to say you failed the last part of that agreement, so I move my pawn to dispose of you.
Danzou: I thought that your Space/Time jutsu would suffice to capture Naruto. And dispose of me so soon, you are quite foolish.
Madara: … As I was going to say, maybe it’s time for a new pact.
Danzou: And it would be?!
Madara: I announced the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, and I’m afraid that what I have won’t suffice against the Five Great Hidden Villages… I want you to cause mayhem in Konoha, maybe a civil war, in order to distract them while I take care of the rest of the villages.
Danzou: So what’s in for me?
Madara: I won’t release Sasuke upon you for a while.
Danzou: Madara, I didn’t know you liked to give devil’s bargains… (nobody responds) Humph, already gone, what a shame.
Fuu: The Mizukage and her guardians are approaching.
Danzou: We should haste, even if we already crossed the border. When we reach Konoha, I’ll give your new assignments. (they start running)

(Anko Scene)
(Anko’s jumping through the trees)
Anko: (thinking) The last information says he’s moving north… what is Kabuto up to? Wait… someone’s here! (searches her pouch and throws a kunai with a paper bomb attached, that explodes in the nearest tree; talking) Show yourself, rat!
Terai: (reveals himself, with his white cloak and ANBU mask) Impressive, nothing short of Orochimaru’s student…
Anko: (thinking) An ANBU? (talking) What business has ANBU with me?
Terai: I don’t represent the ANBU, I’m here in Danzou-sama’s behalf. His orders for you are to give all the data gathered about Kabuto to me and to withdraw immediately from this mission.
Anko: Too bad I don’t work for Danzou, I only answer to the Hokage, Tsunade-sama!
Terai: Danzou-sama is the appointed Sixth Hokage, you have to work for him.
Anko: What?! Is this a charade? No way Danzou is the Hokage!
Terai: Now do as I ordered.
Anko: (grabs a kunai from her pouch and licks it) And if I say no?!
Terai: Danzou-sama didn’t say you had to be alive to give the data…

(Naruto Scene)
(Gaara still has his hand in Naruto’s shoulder)
Gaara: So, what’s your decision, Naruto?!

(Flashback Scene)
(at Konoha’s gates)
Sakura: Naruto, I beg you! Please… please bring Sasuke back! I couldn’t do it… I couldn’t stop him! The only person… who can probably save Sasuke-kun now is you, Naruto, only you…
Naruto: Sakura-chan, you really like Sasuke, huh? I know how much pain you’re in because of Sasuke, I can understand.
Sakura: Naruto… thank you.
Naruto: Don’t worry, I’ll bring him back! Promise of a lifetime!

(Naruto is trapped in Itachi’s Dust Crow Genjutsu)
Itachi: You said you thought of Sasuke as a brother. Well, I’m asking you what you’d do if Sasuke were to attack Konoha?
Naruto: What? Why would Sasuke…? He’d never do that!
Itachi: Sasuke is still pure. He could be easily colored by anything. If that should happen, would you be able to stop him? Even if it meant to kill him? (Naruto looks shocked) Could you weigh Sasuke’s life against Konoha?
Naruto: I’d protect Konoha! And find a way to stop Sasuke without killing him!
Itachi: You’re such a child. You talk of nothing but pipe dreams… there are times when a ninja must make painful choices.

Madara: Revenge is the Uchiha Clan’s destiny. Sasuke has taken on the hatred of the entire clan… and he’ll inflict that curse’s hatred on the world on the world. Hatred is his greatest weapon, his friend… and his strength. That is Sasuke’s dogma!

Sai: It’s because she loves him that she wants to rescue him from the evil path he walks now. Even if the only way to do it is to kill him with her own hands, I believe she’s prepared to do it. Because she loves him.

(Naruto Scene)
Naruto: Kakashi-sensei, Yamato-sensei, head back to the village. I’ll chase Sakura. Sai, show the way.
Kakashi: Naruto…
Gaara: You didn’t answer my question…
Naruto: I won’t give up on Sasuke, I won’t go against my nindo… but if the only way he can be redeemed is his death… so be it.


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