Naruto 473 Manga : Confirmed Spoiler – Kisame Dies ……

A simple spoiler.

Kisame went berserk and used the Hachibi’s chakra and was found by Raikage and co.

He gets hit with a Double Lariat from the brothers and is decapitated and dies.

Ao is caught by the Mizukage and pretends to be an ally at first but is found out by Mizukage right away.

She hits him in the face and brings him back to his senses.

It ends with Sai trying to tell Naruto the things that Sakura couldn’t.

Detailed version

Chapter 473: Brother

Part 1

Kisame tries to cut off Bee’s legs.
Sabu-chan is running to where Bee is.
Bee: (Over here!)
Bee turns around.
Kisame: !!?
Bee throws a pencil at Kisame.
Kisame: (A Pencil!!?)
The pencil cuts the side of Kisame’s face (his cheeks). The pencil pierces a tree.
Bee: (That was close…)
Kisame, who’s face is bleeding: You were aiming at this weren’t you. That was certainly a close call wasn’t it. I’d forgotten that pencil you threw earlier landed over there.

Bee: …
Samehada starts moving in the tree. Kisame will now stop Bee.
Swinging the sword, a shuriken cuts and breaks the sword.
Kisame: !?

The Raikage and his escorts appear.
Shii: Sorry for the delay Bee.
Kisame: Raikage!? Why are you here…!?

Shii: Hoshigaki Kisame…thanks to you, we saw that massive amount of water and were able to detect the Hachibi’s chakra mixed in it.

Darui: You were reckless by sucking up other people’s chakra and using it. You gave yourself away.
Samehada follows Bee.
Bee: …yep, you gave yourself away didn’t you…
Kisame: …! (That Samehada…he likes the Hachibi’s chakra after all…)
Raikage: Let’s do it…
Bee: Ok…brother!

Bee and the Raikage dash out, Kisame’s put his hands in front of his head (seals?)
Bee combos with Raikage: Double Lariat!!
Bee does the lariat from in front, Raikage in back. Kisame is in-between. Kisame gets decapitated.
Kisame: As expected, that was quick huh…

Sabu-chan is running.
Kisame’s head falls in front of Sabu-chan.
Sabu-chan, surprised: Ehh!!
Raikage grips Bee’s head.
Raikage: How dare you going at it alone!!
Bee: …even without my dominant arm, it was effective in this crisis♪

Part 2

Snow falls in the country of the samurai.

Samurai A: How is it below?
Samurai B: Besides us, annihilated.
Samurai A: We have yet to find 2 of Sasuke’s subordinates I hear…you didn’t seem them?
Samurai B: …Didn’t see them. They must’ve died yeah? There’s nothing left down there.

Mifune’s escort’s? left eye was damaged; he’s like a Buddhist priest: No…Kumo’s sensor confirmed that they are alive, and left it to us to take care of as promised.
Samurai B: O-oh, so that’s it?
Mifune’s escort unsheaths his sword: You two…remove your armor!
Samurai B: …

Other samurai gather round.
Samurai B removes his helmet (Suigetsu): Haha…we’ve been given away huh.
Samurai C (Jugo): As thought, it wasn’t such a good plan after all.
The sickle is holding the puppet by it’s clothes.

Ao: Ha Ha I’ve been saved…
Mizukage: What happened?
Ao: I was caught in the enemy’s jutsu…I couldn’t control my body and would have died had you not saved me.
In that moment Ao, as a puppet was thrown at the sickle, the Mizukage saved him.
Chojuro: This place was really dangerous.
Mizukage: To lose the ability to control your body, this type of debilitating jutsu, it’s…
Ao: … from the same family line as the Shintenshin no jutsu.
Chojuro: Even as a senior sensor type, we were worried we wouldn’t make it in time.
Ao: I’m sorry to have worried you…
Mizukage: … that right eye…they were after the Byakugan.
Ao: I was almost done in…forgive me…do you think you can untie my hands now?
Mizukage unties Ao: Eh…I’ll undo your right eye’s jutsu too.
Ao: Forgive me…you really saved me.
Mizukage undoes the rope.
Chojuro, while looking at the puppet: ! What the heck is that?

The Puppet (Ao): (It’s no use!! The Shintenshin no jutsu hasn’t been undone yet!!
Ao (Fuu): (That went well…it’s convenient that the Mizukage would remove that right eye’s jutsu for me…when the Byakugan is destroyed I’ll cancel the Shintenshin.

Puppet (Ao): (…That’s it! This chakra is that Konoha ninja’s! He’s a sensor type! When he sensed that girl following Sasuke, like me, we had that same reaction.
Ao remembers the events from the conference.

Puppet (Ao): (He was able to sense that the Mizukage and Chojuro were coming! He’s been waiting for this!
Mizukage: Alright, here we go!

Ao (Fuu) still tied up: ?
Mizukage: Lend me HirameKarei Chojuro.
Chojuro: ?

Mizukage: You aren’t Ao are you…Even I can’t undo the jutsu of that right eye…Ao knows this very well. And the real Ao wouldn’t have apologized like that toward Chojuro.
Ao (Fuu): …my cover’s been blown huh…you cunning hag.

Mizukage hits Ao.

Ao, collapsed: W-was it something I said…
Mizukage: Hm, it seems he’s back to normal now.
Chojuro: Good thing she used the side of Hiramekarei.

Danzo’s line.
Fuu’s jutsu undone, he awakens on Torune’s back.
Danzo: How was it?
Fuu: Sorry…it ended in failure.

Naruto, intently.
Sai in front of Naruto.
Kakashi: It’s a bunshin…
Naruto: Sai…why did you…

Sai: Earlier, what Sakura was telling you. I will tell you what she could not.
Naruto: ? …is this for real?

Hachi was reclaimed safely…!! And Sai, moving independently, informs Naruto…!?

The End.


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  1. March 2, 2010 at 6:34 am

    I really love following Naruto episodes. I am stuck to the stories. This is a nice one.

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