Naruto 471 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler

Naruto 471: Sworn Through Swords

Author : Numinous


(Naruto Scene)
Kiba: So that’s it, eh? No wonder she looked so [(NaruHina version) mesmerized with something else (NaruSaku/SasuNaru version) sad ]when we were discussing about Sasuke, back at Konoha. (everybody seats in the room’s floor)
Kakashi: I’m surprised Shikamaru didn’t come.
Kiba: Sakura didn’t want him here, she said he’d pressure her to only focus on what we’d do with Sasuke.
Kakashi: I see…
Sai: …
Yamato: Is there something wrong, Sai?!
Sai: Why did you agree on leaving Sakura out of this? After what she said?
Naruto: That’s precisely why I agreed on that. If she finds out Sasuke’s new goal, she’ll be devastated.
Lee: And what is Sasuke’s goal?
Naruto: He, along with Uchiha Madara, wants to destroy what’s left of Konoha, including us. (Lee and Kiba look shocked)
Lee: Destroy us?!
Kiba: What, Uchiha Madara?! You can’t be serious, the First Hokage killed him in the Valley of the End!
Kakashi: We thought that too, but various factors revealed that Tobi is Madara, including his confirmation of that.
Kiba: Tobi? You mean that masked Akatsuki? But he frigging teleports, how can we keep track of him to find Sasuke?!
Kakashi: That’s the thing, we can’t. The same can be applied to another remaining Akatsuki, Zetsu. Our only chance is to track Hoshigake Kisame.

(Ao Scene)
(Ao gets up with his right eye missing, but the eye socket is healed)
Ao: (thinking) What… just happened? The last thing I remember is that puppet attacking me… where is my Byakugan?! The Hokage must have stolen it… I can’t track him now. (starts to run; still thinking)) It’s better to report to the remaining Kage.

(Danzou Scene)
(Torune carries Danzou, who has bandages covering both eyes; he covers his face with his palm, likely in pain)
Fuu: Are you alright, Danzou-sama?
Danzou: The Byakugan is proving harder to master than I thought. It will take a great toll on my chakra pool since I’ll need it to see, but sacrifices must be made for Konoha’s sake. Now let’s hurry back to the village for your new assignment.
Torune: And what is it?
Danzou: Dispose of Tsunade and anyone that opposes my orders. Capture Naruto and seal him away. We’ll need him if the other Ninja Nations dare to attack Konoha.
Fuu: And what if he doesn’t collaborate?
Danzou: My Sharingan will make him collaborate.
Torune: What about the Daimyo? Surely the other Kages will try to contact him.
Danzou: Don’t worry. I’ll convince him that they ganged against Konoha for having the only Jinchuuriki alive, he won’t be bothering us.

(Gaara Scene)
(Gaara, Temari and Kankurou are approaching a village)
Kankurou: You’re sure we can trust Raikage about Naruto being in the Land of Iron?
Temari: Why are you asking?
Kankurou: He seems even more knuckleheaded than Naruto when he first met him. Maybe he doesn’t remember all too well…
Temari: If you were talking about the Tsuchikage, I’d agree with you…
Gaara: Also, if he isn’t here, he probably is in Konoha, so it doesn’t hurt to check.
Kankurou: (sees Sakura kneeled on the street) Isn’t that Naruto’s friend?
Temari: Sakura? What is she doing here?
(Kirabi Scene)
(A complete Zetsu appears from a distant tree)
White Zetsu: It seems they just begun fighting.
Dark Zetsu: Let’s see if Kisame puts up a better show than Sasuke.
Kirabi: Sabu-chan, it’s better for you to retreat.
Sabu: Y-yes. (the giant axe disappears in a cloud of smoke; Sabu is shown running away when the smoke dissipates
Kirabi: Now it’s the two of us, Akatsuki scum.
Hachibi: (in Kirabi’s mind) Beware of his sword.
Kirabi: Why, Bully?!
Hachibi: He said it consumes chakra, so avoid wasting chakra.
Kirabi: I know what I’m doing, eight-o!
Hachibi: Call me only if you don’t have any other alternatives.
Kisame: Are you done talking with your Bijuu? Let’s get busy. (charges towards Kirabi)
Hachibi: Remember, avoid the sword!
(Kirabi parries Samehada with some of his swords; he tries to kick Kisame, but he dodges by ducking; Kirabi spins to kick him with the other leg, and Kisame sees an opening to strike; Kirabi stops Samehada with his foot and jumps, hurting his foot with the blade, which reveals its scales)
Kirabi: ♪What’s the deal with that sword?! It has crazy scales I ignored! He was right, the Eight-tails! Now be prepared, blue-faced cod! You’ll see the power of the Enka God! ♪
Kisame: To add to the crazyness, you’re… (Kirabi’s seven swords appear from nowhere, floating next to Kisame, pointing to his face) cocky?!
Kirabi: Sebun Katana no Waru Rodo!* (Kisame jumps, but the swords follow him, ending up slicing him with several strikes; Kisame’s body starts to turn to water; thinking) A water clone? That means…
(Kisame ambushes Kirabi, revealing himself out of his Earth Release: Underground Submarine Voyage; Kirabi manages to return some of the blades to parry Samehada, but the latter consumes the chakra link of the blades, which makes them fall in the ground; the two fighters jump back; Samehada seems to be digesting the chakra it consumed)
Kisame: Such a precise chakra control from such a knucklehead… this swordfight it’s becoming rather interesting. And thanks for the appetizer for my sword.
Hachibi: Focus, Kirabi! Stick to Taijutsu!
Kirabi: I said I know what I’m doing… ♪Prepared be, you sardine wannabe, you’ll be made into sushi by me, the one and only Kirabi! Now don’t be sad, because I’ll be dancing mad! Oh yeah! ♪

*Seven Katanas of the War Lord, 眥文刀載惡後駑 (the kanji can be rearranged to read: Evil Art of Spreading Swords behind the Foolish Fellow, Outside the Corner of the Eye)


1 Response to “Naruto 471 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler”

  1. March 2, 2010 at 6:38 am

    There is not much excitement here. There should be more fight scenes that are typical of Naruto stories. Well.. ok it is still worth reading though.

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