Naruto 470 Manga – Raw Predictions, Spoiler (Version 3)

Naruto 470: “Life Without Dreams”

Author : Jeanericuser

Ponta is laying on the ground with a huge gash in it’s back. Sabu-chan has an angered look on his face with concern while Killer Bee has drawn his sword. Kisame smiles at Killer Bee.

Kisame: “Now with that minor annoyance out of the way, shall we begin or shall I continue what I started and
kill your friend.”
Killer Bee: “Sabu-chan, take ponta out of here. I will deal with this foul smelling fish man.”
Sabu-chan: “I will not take this lightly no way. Im gonna kill you now and have sushi today!”
Killer Bee: “Sabu-chan! No! Don’t do it!”
Sabu-chan charges at Kisame and Kisame responds by parrying Sabu-chan’s attack with samehada. Samehada saps Sabu-chan’s chakra resulting in him become weary and collapsing on the ground. Killer Bee draws out his swords and charges head long at Kisame. Kisame easily dodges Killer Bee’s sword slashes and jumps back to the top of a tree. Killer bee huddles over the fallen Sabu-chan.
Killer Bee: “Are you ok?”
Sabu-chan: “I don’t know. Whatever he hit me with its taken all the life out of me. I can barely move.”
Killer Bee: “Don’t worry. I will take care of this one.”
Sabu-chan: “Be careful. That attack he used packs quite a punch.”
Killer Bee: “Well by the grace of the bee and the strength of my blade. I will live to fight another day.”
Kisame starts laughing and Killer bee looks up to see him still standing on the top of the tree branch looking down at him.
Kisame: “Now that we have those little annoyances out of the way, are you ready to fight or shall I just kill them right now.”
Killer Bee: “…”
Kisame: “Well then I guess we can begin now.”

Danzo is heading away through the forest with Torune who has Fuu draped over his shoulder. Fuu starts to wake up and Danzo stops at a clearing. Torune drops Fuu on the ground.
Fuu: “Easy Torune! I just woke up!”
Torune: “I was tired of carrying you.”
Danzo: “Now that we have no one else persueing us, I will tell you my plan.”
Fuu sits down on the ground while Torune leans against a tree.
Danzo: “It is safe to assume now that we can not rely on the other villages for assistance in this matter. Even now I would imagine they are trying to figure out how to discredit me.”
Fuu: “So what do we do about them?”
Danzo: “We discredit them first in the eyes of the one person they need the most to discredit me, the daimyo.”
Torune: “But what if they just send people to konoha to spread the news about what happened?”
Danzo: “That is why one of you will be heading back to konoha to spread the alert to all Root members. Any info concerning the Kage conference is to be eliminated immediately and martial law declared.”
Fuu: “But won’t many of them grow suspicious and wonder what happened?”
Danzo: “That is why we will tell them that we have gotten intelligence of another planned akatsuki attack on konoha. With that kind of threat in their minds the others will naturally side with us.”
Torune: “Sounds like that will work.”
Fuu: “But what are we gonna do about the Daimyo.”
Danzo: “Fuu and I will head to the home of the Daimyo with the news of the attack and convince him that the other villages have sided with akatsuki. This way the daimyo will have no choice but to refuse to listen to them.”
Fuu: “Sounds simple enough. With no way to disprove they are not working for akatsuki it will be easy to keep the daimyo from learning the truth.
Danzo: “Exactly. It is here and now that we must split up. Torune, you head to konoha and get everything ready for when I come back.”
Torune heads off running as fast as he can while Fuu gets up. Danzo smiles and looks at Fuu who is getting up.
Danzo: “Now we too must go. We have an appointment to make and I do not want to be late.”

Naruto is looking Sakura in the eye with a serious look. She has tears starting to roll down her face.
Naruto: “Sakura what have I always told people is my greatest goal in life?”
Kiba: “What significance does that have right now? Don’t you understand she is pouring her heart out to you?!”
Sakura: “To one day become hokage. But I don’t understand….”
Naruto: “A life without dreams or ambitions is a life without meaning or purpose. I understand now why sasuke has become what he has become. He has finally found his purpose in life however misguided it may be.”
Sakura: “…”
Naruto: “Love me or not, I can not let you deceive yourself and live a lie because you feel that you still owe a debt to me.”
Sakura: “But shouldn’t my love be enough to convince you to stop looking for sasuke?”
Naruto: “Your sacrifice is unnecessary because I have already learned of Sasuke’s goals in life and I now understand what must be done. When this crisis is over then we will discuss our feelings but for now we have bigger problems to worry about.”
Sakura wipes away her tears and looks Naruto in the eye.
Sakura: “What is sasuke’s goal in life now?”
Kakashi and yamoto exchange concerned glances.
Kakashi: “Naruto maybe you should not tell her.”
Kiba: “If you have learned anything about what Sasuke is really up to I will relay it on to the others. We are willing to help.”
Lee: “Kiba is right! We are willing to do what ever is necessary in this righteous battle.”
Kakashi: “I guess there is no other choice. They will learn about it soon anyway. Tell them Naruto.”
Naruto: “To destroy all who once called him ally or friend. To destroy that which was once his home. Sasuke’s one goal in life now is to destroy Konoha and everyone around him whether they be friend or foe.”
Sakura has a shocked look on her face and begins to cry as she covers her face with her hands. Kiba looks angered at what he has heard but then nods his head in approval. Lee comforts sakura with an arm around her shoulder.
Naruto: “That is why I must destroy him first and then what is left of his clan mainly Madara Uchiha.”
All the others look at Naruto in shock at what he has just said.


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