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Naruto 473 Manga : Confirmed Spoiler – Kisame Dies ……

A simple spoiler.

Kisame went berserk and used the Hachibi’s chakra and was found by Raikage and co.

He gets hit with a Double Lariat from the brothers and is decapitated and dies.

Ao is caught by the Mizukage and pretends to be an ally at first but is found out by Mizukage right away.

She hits him in the face and brings him back to his senses.

It ends with Sai trying to tell Naruto the things that Sakura couldn’t.

Detailed version

Chapter 473: Brother

Part 1

Kisame tries to cut off Bee’s legs.
Sabu-chan is running to where Bee is.
Bee: (Over here!)
Bee turns around.
Kisame: !!?
Bee throws a pencil at Kisame.
Kisame: (A Pencil!!?)
The pencil cuts the side of Kisame’s face (his cheeks). The pencil pierces a tree.
Bee: (That was close…)
Kisame, who’s face is bleeding: You were aiming at this weren’t you. That was certainly a close call wasn’t it. I’d forgotten that pencil you threw earlier landed over there.

Bee: …
Samehada starts moving in the tree. Kisame will now stop Bee.
Swinging the sword, a shuriken cuts and breaks the sword.
Kisame: !?

The Raikage and his escorts appear.
Shii: Sorry for the delay Bee.
Kisame: Raikage!? Why are you here…!?

Shii: Hoshigaki Kisame…thanks to you, we saw that massive amount of water and were able to detect the Hachibi’s chakra mixed in it.

Darui: You were reckless by sucking up other people’s chakra and using it. You gave yourself away.
Samehada follows Bee.
Bee: …yep, you gave yourself away didn’t you…
Kisame: …! (That Samehada…he likes the Hachibi’s chakra after all…)
Raikage: Let’s do it…
Bee: Ok…brother!

Bee and the Raikage dash out, Kisame’s put his hands in front of his head (seals?)
Bee combos with Raikage: Double Lariat!!
Bee does the lariat from in front, Raikage in back. Kisame is in-between. Kisame gets decapitated.
Kisame: As expected, that was quick huh…

Sabu-chan is running.
Kisame’s head falls in front of Sabu-chan.
Sabu-chan, surprised: Ehh!!
Raikage grips Bee’s head.
Raikage: How dare you going at it alone!!
Bee: …even without my dominant arm, it was effective in this crisis♪

Part 2

Snow falls in the country of the samurai.

Samurai A: How is it below?
Samurai B: Besides us, annihilated.
Samurai A: We have yet to find 2 of Sasuke’s subordinates I hear…you didn’t seem them?
Samurai B: …Didn’t see them. They must’ve died yeah? There’s nothing left down there.

Mifune’s escort’s? left eye was damaged; he’s like a Buddhist priest: No…Kumo’s sensor confirmed that they are alive, and left it to us to take care of as promised.
Samurai B: O-oh, so that’s it?
Mifune’s escort unsheaths his sword: You two…remove your armor!
Samurai B: …

Other samurai gather round.
Samurai B removes his helmet (Suigetsu): Haha…we’ve been given away huh.
Samurai C (Jugo): As thought, it wasn’t such a good plan after all.
The sickle is holding the puppet by it’s clothes.

Ao: Ha Ha I’ve been saved…
Mizukage: What happened?
Ao: I was caught in the enemy’s jutsu…I couldn’t control my body and would have died had you not saved me.
In that moment Ao, as a puppet was thrown at the sickle, the Mizukage saved him.
Chojuro: This place was really dangerous.
Mizukage: To lose the ability to control your body, this type of debilitating jutsu, it’s…
Ao: … from the same family line as the Shintenshin no jutsu.
Chojuro: Even as a senior sensor type, we were worried we wouldn’t make it in time.
Ao: I’m sorry to have worried you…
Mizukage: … that right eye…they were after the Byakugan.
Ao: I was almost done in…forgive me…do you think you can untie my hands now?
Mizukage unties Ao: Eh…I’ll undo your right eye’s jutsu too.
Ao: Forgive me…you really saved me.
Mizukage undoes the rope.
Chojuro, while looking at the puppet: ! What the heck is that?

The Puppet (Ao): (It’s no use!! The Shintenshin no jutsu hasn’t been undone yet!!
Ao (Fuu): (That went well…it’s convenient that the Mizukage would remove that right eye’s jutsu for me…when the Byakugan is destroyed I’ll cancel the Shintenshin.

Puppet (Ao): (…That’s it! This chakra is that Konoha ninja’s! He’s a sensor type! When he sensed that girl following Sasuke, like me, we had that same reaction.
Ao remembers the events from the conference.

Puppet (Ao): (He was able to sense that the Mizukage and Chojuro were coming! He’s been waiting for this!
Mizukage: Alright, here we go!

Ao (Fuu) still tied up: ?
Mizukage: Lend me HirameKarei Chojuro.
Chojuro: ?

Mizukage: You aren’t Ao are you…Even I can’t undo the jutsu of that right eye…Ao knows this very well. And the real Ao wouldn’t have apologized like that toward Chojuro.
Ao (Fuu): …my cover’s been blown huh…you cunning hag.

Mizukage hits Ao.

Ao, collapsed: W-was it something I said…
Mizukage: Hm, it seems he’s back to normal now.
Chojuro: Good thing she used the side of Hiramekarei.

Danzo’s line.
Fuu’s jutsu undone, he awakens on Torune’s back.
Danzo: How was it?
Fuu: Sorry…it ended in failure.

Naruto, intently.
Sai in front of Naruto.
Kakashi: It’s a bunshin…
Naruto: Sai…why did you…

Sai: Earlier, what Sakura was telling you. I will tell you what she could not.
Naruto: ? …is this for real?

Hachi was reclaimed safely…!! And Sai, moving independently, informs Naruto…!?

The End.


Naruto 473 Manga – raw predictions,spoiler (version 2)

Naruto 473: The Siren’s Call
Author : jeanericuser

Kisame is standing over Killer Bee about to slash him when suddenly killer bee turns around and hits kisame point with a burst of pure chakra. Kisame is sent flying backwards before landing at the ground some feet away.
Sabu: “The hachibi must have used its own chakra to repel kisame. I must get to killer bee fast.”
Kisame gets up and dusts himself off while looking at killer bee.
Kisame thinking: “That must have been the hachibi but it doesn’t have much chakra left. I had better end this now.”

Kisame charges forward and jumps into the air. Kisame lowers his sword to stab killer bee as he falls. Sabu suddenly jumps forward and parries the blade of kisame with his axe causing it to land in the ground instead of hitting stabbing killer bee. Sabu raises his axe to make a strike at killer bee and charges forward. Kisame smiles and does a hand sign.
Kisame: “Water style: water prison.”
A bubble appears around kisame sealing him in a bubble of full of water. Kisame smiles and takes the axe out of sabu’s hand.
Kisame: “Thank you. This blade will do quite nicely for what I have planned.”
Sabu struggles to move but can’t inside the bubble.
Sabu thinking: “Damn it! I can’t get out of this!”
Killer Bee is laying on the ground and slowly starts to breath. Samehada slowly struggles free from the tree and moves towards killer bee. Killer Bee finds himself on the ocean. He sees the image of a beautiful woman slowly moving towards him. Killer Bee is almost transfixed by her beauty.

Woman: “Come to me. I will help you. wake up.”
Killer bee slowly starts to awaken but still hears the voice of the woman in his head.
Woman: “Come to me. There is not much time.”
Hachibi: “What is this? Where is that voice coming from.”
Killer Bee slowly struggles to his feet and samehada is laying right next to him.
woman: “Pick it up. You know what must be done.”
Killer Bee picks up samehada and slowly struggles to his feet using the blade to help him up. Kisame charges forward to attack Killer Bee.
Kisame: “This time you will not be getting up! Im gonna tear you apart!”
Kisame swings the axe and Killer Bee easily parries it with Samehada. Kisame struggles to swing the axe around but he can’t seem to control it as well as samehada so his next attack is too low. Killer bee easily deflects the slash causing the blade to skid towards the ground.
Killer Bee: “Not use to Sabu’s axe are you? That blade isnt meant for a weak fish man like you.”
Kisame gets enraged and triest to slash killer Bee but he easily dodges the slash and slashes kisame in turn while at the same time samehada takes some of kisame’s chakra. Kisame jumps back but nearly stumbles to the ground. Killer Bee smiles at Kisame while Kisame looks extremely angry at Killer Bee.

Kisame: “To hell with Madara and his schemes! Im gonna kill you right now!”
Kisame charges forward and attempts to make a slash at Killer Bee. Killer Bee charges forward and disappears before reappearing and slashing samehada through Kisame. Kisame finds himself back at the same beach that Killer Bee was at before. The woman slowly appears in front of Kisame.
Kisame: “Its over isn’t it?”
The woman nods her head and Kisame tries to reach out for the woman. The woman vanishes and the world goes black as Kisame feels as if he is falling. Kisame wakes ups screaming in agony as samehada spreads itself outward until every part of it spreads outward litterally ripping kisame appart from the upper torso down. Kisame slowly smiles as he falls to the ground in two pieces. Killer Bee swings the blade into the air and smiles as the sun glimmers off the blade. Nearby zetsu watches with an extremely disturbed look on his face from a tree branch high above the ground.
Light Zetsu: “Madara is not gonna be happy about this.”
Dark Zetsu: “To think Kisame would go out this way. To be killed by his own blade.”
Light Zetsu: “This definately changes our plans.”
Dark Zetsu: “It changes nothing. Lets report this to madara immediately.”
Zetsu merges with the tree and vanishes away. The bubble around Sabu pops and gushes out water as Sabu struggles to breath. He looks up to see Killer Bee in the distance holding samehada. Killer Bee is looking at the blade in curiousity. Killer Bee suddenly finds himself inside his mind on the beach. The beautiful woman walks up to him.
Killer Bee: “Samehada?”
Woman: “That was a name Kisame gave to me when he discovered me long ago. My real name is calypso.”
Killer Bee: “Calypso?”
Calypso: “I was once a creature much like your tailed beast that roamed the mighty seas until one day I was taken prisoner by bunch of men.”
Hachibi: “Interesting. Go on.”
Calypso: “They desired to have me grant their every wishes in terms of controlling the ocean for their own foolish desires but that was not something I was willing to do so I rebelled. As punishment my body was destroyed and my spirit forever trapped within this blade.”
Hachibi: “So like me, you two are a prisoner to a weak host.”
Calypso: “Correct. I can never leave this sword again less I lose myself to eternity.”
Killer Bee: “Hey!”
Calypso: “Since that time I have served many masters but most of them I could sense had only darkness in their black hearts and thus I was tainted by their blood lust. That changed however when I was exposed to your chakras. As your chakra reached me it freed me from their taint and gave me the strength to resist kisame. I thank you for that.”
Killer Bee: “You are welcome.”

Calypso: “I now request that since I am free of kisame that I now serve you as I did him. Together we shall be a mighty force of nature much like what I once was before my imprisonment. My only request is that I too share in chakra you give and use in battle. As my body is infused with your chakras I will do my part to bring great strength to you in battle. That is all that I ask in return for usage of me in battle.”
Killer Bee: “I accept.”
Hachibi: “I agree.”
Killer Bee slowly walks towards Sabu while samehada returns to its wrapped up form it had before. Sabu looks at the blade in surprise.
Sabu: “Your really should throw that blade away. Nothing good can come from owning a blade like that.”
Killer Bee laughs and places it in a holster behind his back. Calypso giggles inside his mind.
Killer Bee: “Its nothing to worry about now. Kisame doesn’t need this blade any more. Besides finders keepers.”
Sabu looks at the country side and goes over to examine ponta. Sabu listens to Ponta’s heart with his ear to his chest.
Sabu: “Ponta sounds like he will be ok. I guess you had best go see your brother if akatsuki is after you again.”
Killer Bee grimaces and then nods his head in agreement. Killer Bee suddenly remembers what Kisame said earlier.
Kisame flashback: “To hell with madara and his schemes! Im gonna kill you right now!”
Killer Bee looks at Sabu and scratches his chin.
Killer Bee: “Sabu-chan, Do you know anything about someone named madara.”
Sabu: “Madara? MADARA?! Thats who sent him to us!?!”
Sabu looks extremely nerve racked while Killer Bee looks at him with a puzzled expression.
Sabu: “Killer Bee you better get back to your brother immediately. If he is indeed calling the shots than who knows what has already happened while we have been fighting with this one.”
Madara is shown standing on a balcony overlooking the city as it rains at night. Zetsu appears from out of the ground and bows to him. Madara continues to look out over the side.
Zetsu: “We have a problem. Kisame failed to acquire the hachibi.”
Madara: “So be it. We have no other choice. Prepare the armies for their first assault. They shall leave at dawn.”


naruto 475 manga – raw predictions,spoiler (version 1)

Chapter Name : Weakness of the Uchiha’s
Author : MinatoTheUltiVillian
“Hmm, funny you should mention that Bloodline Limit,” The Kyuubi said thoughtfully. “It happens to be directly linked to your Bloodline.”
Naruto ………..“WHAT!”
Kyuubi……………..“ Calm down brat…….before you bust my eardrums,”
“You didn’t let me finish. I said the Sharingan is linked to your Bloodline, not that it is the Unlimiter. Alright, time for a little history lesson, boy.
The man who created the Unlimiter was the grandchild of a refugee who came from a war torn land far across the western ocean. The people of that land were known for their variety and adaptability, which was likely the inspiration for your Bloodline. Now it’s important to note that your Bloodline has no unpleasant side-effects, unlike many Limits.
Your ancestor dedicated his entire life to the creation of the Unlimiter and it’s as much a work of art and the ultimate tool. He spent decades researching and testing the seals and formulas to ensure the perfection of the Unlimiter before he sealed it into his newborn granddaughter. He was old by then, but he held onto life for another fifteen years or so to make sure the child suffered no ill effects. The Bloodline was a complete success and he destroyed all records of his work only a few months before he died.
“With all his knowledge gone, there was no way to replicate your Bloodline. Your clan was founded on his grandchild’s blood and it has survived many centuries till today. Though each member has been exceptional in their own right, the clan never grew very large and they stayed out of the public eye for the most part. The vast majority of other people had no idea the clan even had a Bloodline at all, let alone the potent Unlimiter. I suppose your family preferred it that way. However, some people did take notice of the Unlimiter’s presence and were very…displeased.
“Several decades before the Leaf was founded, roughly a hundred and fifty years ago, a Hyuuga noticed that members of a certain family seemed to have unlimited potential no matter what they did in life.
You’ve encountered Hyuuga arrogance before,I saw from within you .So I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that this man was very irate that a small family of nobodies was more powerful than the famous Hyuuga Clan. This man was so envious that he studied your family from afar and attempted to modify the Byakugan to match their abilities. The result was a total disaster: the Uchiha Clan.”
Naruto ……..“Disaster? But the Sharingan is the strongest Limit I’ve ever seen!”
Kyuubi……..“Ah, you mistake disaster for weakness,” The Kyuubi replied, “I never said the Sharingan wasn’t powerful. It is a very strong Blood Limit, but it is also severely flawed.”
Kyuubi continued…………. “Yes, boy , The Sharingan is near perfect in almost every way imaginable, but there is one serious factor that was overlooked in its creation.
The Hyuuga who made the Limit was attempting to replicate the Unlimiter. However, he never truly understood the true nature of your Bloodline. Obviously, your ancestors weren’t going to tell anyone the true properties of the Unlimiter, let alone an arrogant man trying to steal it, so he attempted to divine its function through spying.
What he saw was an ability that allowed the user to learn anything they wished or saw. Being as arrogant as his own clan, he assumed he correctly figured out the nature of the Unlimiter and spent a great deal of time trying to recreate it. He failed. Or perhaps I should say, he lacked the patience to handle the setbacks he continued encountering.
“He finally got fed up in creating a new Bloodline and instead heavily modified his current Limit with the concepts he’d attained so far. The result was the Byakugan became the Sharingan, an optical ability that allows the user to analyze and record an opponent’s actions. He didn’t figure out how the learning process worked in the Unlimiter, so he did the next best thing and created a copy-cat Limit. He sealed it into one of his sons and the Uchiha Clan was born.
“Now to answer the question of how the Sharingan is flawed, remember what I told you about your ancestor, who was patient and made sure there were no bad side-effects. He spent fifty years of his life creating your Bloodline.
This Hyuuga, on the other hand, spent about six or seven making the Sharingan. Obviously, there were going to be things that he missed. One of them was a basic part of the Unlimiter he never even considered. You see, you can learn any amount of material because your brain has the caps taken off. Any amount of data you’re exposed to you can smash into your head without any ill-effects to yourself.
All the unused areas of the brain in a normal human are put to use in you, whether you’re a genius or not. And to avoid potential brain trauma, your ancestor made sure to have careful functions added to the Bloodline. The main goal of those additions is to filter through information taken in, memorize the important stuff, and then dump the rest.
“For instance, when you learned the Rasengan, all you learned was how to perform the jutsu and any important concepts related to it. You didn’t memorize every single thing the hermit said or the exact size of every hole you made when practicing it on trees .Not only do you have almost endless memory in your head, you also have a way of cleaning excess junk out.
The Sharingan has neither. It’s an ability designed almost entirely to record data and dump it straight into the brain. A normal human brain. Not one that’s been equipped to handle such pressures. Even worse, many of the Uchihas habitually left their Sharingan open…constantly. Whatever the reason for this action , that’s what they did, whether it was for the show or to prevent ambush or to copy a stray jutsu. Anyone with a high-level Sharingan strolled about with it ,activated and recording everything they saw all the time, even if it was over very foolish things. Can you imagine what all that does to a human mind ill equipped for handling such huge amounts of data?”
Naruto…………..“Wait, so you mean…”
The Kyuubi replied. “Yes, information overload,”
“Tell me boy, what happens to an over-inflated tire? Or an over-filled water balloon? “
Naruto ………….. “Easy, it’ll…Holy shit. To their minds!?”
Kyuubi………….“The brain can’t handle it and the mind eventually cracks under the stress,” The “Madness is a very common trait among Uchiha, but only Uchiha with the Sharingan. As you might guess, the stronger the Sharingan is, the worse the insanity gets. The entire clan had a reputation for being as unstable as they were powerful. They were a valuable trump card for the Leaf when it was first founded and a major reason why the village was able to survive in its weak years when it was young, but over time they became more trouble than they were worth.
Considering they were the police force and half of them were nuts, it’s a wonder they didn’t destroy most of the Leaf while they were still around. I should mention that they were very good at hiding their insanity, at least from ANBU. Their madness took all forms but the most common symptom was very obsessive behavior. Other shinobi probably dismissed it as a character flaw of the clan.”
Naruto….thinking……………I .would never feel envious of Sasuke again for having the Sharingan.
Naruto shouted suddenly ……..“Oh shit! Kakashi-sensei! Fox, is Kakashi-sensei gonna go nuts and kill everybody too!”
Kyuubi ……………“Kakashi…?, Describe him, boy.”
Naruto……………“Uh…okay. He’s tall, has silver-gray hair, and reads perverted stuff in public, and He has the Sharingan, but only in his left eye and he always wears a mask, which is really annoying, but kind of cool too. He’s also really lazy.”
Kyuubi……………..“Hmm, I know who mean. Don’t worry, boy. Your former commander is safe from the Sharingan madness, for the most part. He has only one Sharingan eye and it doesn’t work as efficiently for him as it does for an Uchiha, which greatly limits the amount of raw data flowing into his mind.
His copying abilities are weaker, but at the same time he doesn’t suffer from brain overload as much. Most importantly, he shows restraint in its use and keeps the Sharingan covered most of the time. That gives his brain time to process and dump excess information naturally. He still has obsessions, but they are mild and virtually harmless, especially when compared to the Uchiha. If he hasn’t lost his mind in the decade or so he’s had the Sharingan, then it’s unlikely he’ll lose it anytime soon.”
Kyuubi “ Well , then this is all I wished for you to see Hermit !!………..”
Jiraya is standing near naruto and naruto opens his eyes.
Naruto “ What happened pervy-sage ? why you lookin at me like that ?? “
Jiraya “ Nah , its nothing”



naruto 474 manga – raw predictions,spoiler (version 1)

Chapter Name : Grand Finale
Author : MinatoTheUltiVillian

P.S. – The author  was supposed to write a full prediction about bee Vs kisame , but since spoilers will be out soon so , instead he will limit only to the conversation between Kyuubi , Naruto and Jiraya.
Naruto, turning and facing the Kyuubi, “ What do you want to tell me , fox ??!”
Kyuubi ……“ Since past some months , I have been watching you progress boy , your stupidness and dumbness both are decreasing day by day. I must say I am impressed with your progress. Since I have finally come to accept that your survival is my survival. I will tell you something that has been hidden from you and probably wont be told to you by anyone as the only person knowing this is dead “
“Brat , you have a very Advanced Bloodline that is very potent. With it you could learn anything if there is someone to teach you, if you have the time,”
Naruto ….“You mean…? I have a Bloodline Limit! Awesome! Is it better than the Sharingan? Does it look really cool?”
Kyuubi grumbling….“Grr…Brat, don’t ask so many questions at once,”
Kyuubi thinking…………Pfft, humans and their toys. “Fine, yes, no, yes, and no.”
Naruto …….. “Uh…I don’t have a Bloodline?”
Kyuubi grumbling …..“Yes, you have a Bloodline. No, it is not a Limit. Yes, it’s better than the Sharingan. No, it doesn’t look cool in the slightest. Does that answer it all, brat!”
Naruto …….“Err…How can I have a Bloodline without having a Limit?” staring blankly at the fox.
Kyuubi…….“To put it simply, you don’t have a Bloodline Limit,” The demon began. “The ancestor of yours that created your Bloodline called it an Unlimiter.”
Naruto ….“Unlimiter?”
Kyuubi prompting ..“Yes. It differs greatly from all the other Limits. Tell me, what’s one thing every Limit has in common, no matter how bizarre, weird, or powerful they are?”
Naruto screwed his face up in thought, trying to thing hard………………” They are all……… specialized ?? “
“YES ! . Yes boy, all the Limits are specialized and dedicated to a certain concept or area of expertise. That’s their common factor, be it the Sharingan to the Byakugan to those bug people.”
Naruto…..“Okay……So what’s this Unlimitey thing do and how’s it better than the Sharingan?”
“Unlimiter, boy,” The fox correcting. “Hmm, how to explain this. Alright, think of it like this: if every Limit specializes in a certain ability, then the Unlimiter specializes in being unspecialized.”
Naruto…….“You lost me,”
“Hmm……I’ll explain. The Unlimiter was designed to provide the opposite of a specialization. It allows its bearer to be able to become anything or do anything, within human reason. For instance if you wanted to be become a blacksmith, then you would have just as much potential in that field as you would if you had chosen to remain a shinobi. You can master any area of expertise, as long as you have the patience to learn it. Your ancestor wanted all of his descendants to have the freedom to become whatever they wanted, with nothing to tie them down beyond their own goals and dreams. Humans who bear the Limits, on the other paw, must follow a single or select few paths if they want to reach their full potential. Your ancestor observed this and made his Bloodline to avoid that.”
Naruto …..“Wow, that’s pretty good. But…uh, how is that better than the Sharingan? and How does my Bloodline help if I’ve already picked a field?”
Kyuubi……“Ah, that’s linked to how the Unlimiter works and why it allows you to choose any expertise, The Bloodline is a total alteration on your genetic level …….”
Naruto blankly“ ……………………”
Kyuubi growling “ ….it’s the basic foundation of your body. So , as I was saying, Your body, brain, and chakra pathways have all been carefully altered to remove their maximum caps. Basically, there isn’t a limit to how far you can go. You can get as strong as you want, learn as much as you want, or build as much chakra reserves as you want as long as you’re willing to work to achieve it. You still have to train just as hard, but where others begin to slow down, you’ll simply keep on going. This is why your Bloodline is superior to the Sharingan Bloodline Limit. No matter how powerful the Sharingan is or how ingenious its user, they will eventually hit a glass ceiling where they simply can’t get any stronger”
Naruto….. looking amazed … “It’s really that powerful ??!! “
The Kyuubi continuing……., “Why do you think you were chosen to be my vessel? What other newborn infant could withstand the enormous strain on their bodies that comes with being my living prison? Only a child that can endlessly grow could possibly contain the strongest demon of this plane of reality. Your chakra coils can mold to any shape over time, so it would be child’s play for them to adjust to imprisoning me. Even your DNA has altered itself to not only adapt to my presence, but to take advantage of it. Your healing ability is just one example of that. It needs my energy to work, but it was your body that created it.”
Naruto thinking …………….Father , so that’s why you chose me
Kyuubi……. “Yes, that human may have been a disgusting, cowardly little yellow-haired rat, but he was a smart rat. He knew your body would not only adapt to the strain, but take advantage of it.”
Naruto “………………………”
Kyuubi……….. “Anyways, is there anything else you wanted to know about your Bloodline? I’m not a full expert on it, but I did learn a great deal about the Unlimiter over time. I thought it wise to do so, as the only humans with the potential to rival my power were the ones who bore it.”
Naruto frowned………….. “There’s nothing else to it? No flashy ultimate level or anything?”
Kyuubi shook its head…….., “No, but remember that it doesn’t mean a lack of power just because you can’t show it off to others. It may seem weak in the short term, but in the long run there isn’t a human alive that you won’t exceed.”
Naruto…………….. “But, can’t the Sharingan do kind of the same thing? I mean, the Uchihas look like they can do anything they want.”
“Hmm, funny you should mention that Bloodline Limit,” The Kyuubi said thoughtfully. “It happens to be directly linked to your Bloodline.”
Naruto ………..“WHAT!”

To be continued …….


naruto 473 manga – raw predictions,spoiler (version 1)

Chapter Name : The UNLIMITER
Author : MinatoUltiVillian
(Konoha Scene )
Shizune thinking……………. If this is true then the most advanced bloodline that ever existed has been living with us …………….
Though it should have been treated right from the beginning….
Outside ,
Shikamaru – “what happened ? Is Tsunade-sama alright ? “
Shizune “ she is fine , she asked about naruto , I told her what’s been going around since she fainted , but well she fell
asleep in the midway…………..but most importantly , she’s starting to do better than before.”
Shikamaru “ ok ! “……………….. thinking ….’ She is hiding something from me , she duznt speak so much………..
( Danzo Scene )
Fu turns to face Ao’s collapsed body and starts moving forward.
Ao……thinking ….’ I have no choice , this is it. And I need to hurry , or there wont be a body left to save , I’ll first
need to get rid of the puppet‘
Ao looks around and spots a snake , he closes his eyes and whispers ‘ Soul Release : Mind Transfer ‘
He opens his eyes , and is now in the snake…………………. Thinking……………………..’ that jutsu turned out to be very useful , Thank you
Mizukage ‘
Mizukage telling Ao and several other shinobi ‘ The jutsu that I am going to tell you is very useful and at the same time
very harmful as well ‘
Some shinobi ‘ I didn’t get it , please explain further ‘
Mizukage ‘ This jutsu is very useful as it can make you win a lost battle, but very harmful to the user who uses it , as it
doesn’t use your chakra , it uses a part of your soul , the very essence of your being. The more you use it , the weaker
your soul gets and the weaker your life energy. ‘
Ao , now starts crawling and reaches to the place where Danzo , Fu and Torune are standing with Ao’s body.
Ao thinking………………that rascal , he is using medical jutsu to extract my eye , I’ll have to use the technique again
Danzo , suddenly, “ Fu , Stop ! I sense something is wrong here “
Torune “ I thought so too , I sense that something is ………………different “
Danzo “ We’ll continue the extraction at a safe place , let’s go from here , take the body with you Fu “
Ao , thinking…………………….. I think I’ll stick around like this more , let’s find out what that konoha bastard is upto………
Shizune is seen heading towards the hokage building .
Shikamaru , behind her , …………………….’ What’s she upto ? ‘
Shizune surprisingly notices that there are no anbu or infact there is nobody guarding the Hokage monument.
Talking to herself “ Looks like the Office has shifted to the Roots Head-Quarters ……….that stubborn old bastard wont come
here “
She hurriedly climbs the stairs and reaches the hokage office , opens the door and then reaches for the desk that Tsunade
She opens the second drawer and murmurs “ Release ! “ and finds an old rusty document appearing in the previously empty
She reaches and touches the document and the whole world starts spinning around. She closes her eyes and when she opens
them again , she is still standing in the hokage’s office, but in front of her are Jiraya and Tsunade talking
Shizune thinking……………….. “ what sort of a jutsu is this ? Gen-jutsu ?”
Jiraya and Tsunade don’t seem to notice Shizune and are talking with a serious look on their faces
Tsunade “ what ?? Naruto , an unlimiter ?? …………………….. its impossible, that bloodline ceased to exist long ago “
Jiraya “ No , I can assure you that Naruto is an unlimiter , I talked with the kyuubi myself. It was when we were
Tsunade “ wtf ??!! u must be kidding me !! “
Naruto is sitting , meditating.
Jiraya is watching him intently , thinking……………..something is odd today.
Jiraya touches naruto’s head and gets suddenly sucked into a hole……………..
Jiraya opens his eyes and looks at the long corridor with a jail holding the giant red creature ………………. “ the Kyuubi !! How
did I get in here , this………….this place………………it’s inside naruto’s mind. “
Naruto , standing outside the great jail , turns around and frowns ………….looking at jiraya , “ what are you doing here ??
How did you get here pervy sage ? “
Kyuubi , hissing loudly “ Good, now you both are here ! I have something to tell you brat , I wanted him to be here too
because when you wake up you won’t remember a thing. But you , hermit will remember everything”
( Kirabi scene )
Kirabi is seen leaping and charging at kisame with the lariat …………….
But before bee can reach Kisame , Samehada breaks the ice barrier and comes in front of kirabi………………………..
Kirabi thinking……shit !!!!
Samehada takes a direct hit of lariat and absorbs all the chakra.
Bee falls but manages to stand up , panting………” this is it !! now I AM MAD “
Sabu ,sitting nearby , at a tree and watching the fight…..“ it looks like the sword is now channeling its chakra to that
shark face and bee looks exhausted…………… “
Bee “ Hachibi , I need your chakra now , I am going to use that jutsu , I never thought I would use it again , but the time
has come “
Sabu shouts “ Kirabi , that thing is channeling its chakra to the shark face , watch out !!”
Hachibi …….i think its time too……….lets do it
Kisame “ This is it , it ends now ………..“ and starts making handseals…..
Kirabi is seen firing up and transforming to hachibi…….. “ You’re right for once yo ♪ shark face , it ends now , ♪ but I’ll
be endin it for you now ♪ “


Naruto 472 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (Version 2)

Chapter Name : Samaheda Unleashed
Author : MinatoTheUltiVillain



(Kirabi is seen struggling in water , while Kisame stands outside it)

Samehada is seen to be evolving further, it turns into a small shark with scales all round the body and leaps towards kirabi.
Kirabi thinking…………………. Shit , I cant use any of my jutsu’s except for taijutsu , this stupid sword will absorb it……….Hachibi , help !!………………Fool , u have stopped your stupid rhymes , u know what that means ?…………..that means u stopped thinking straight ….stop panicking and listen to me now……………………

Kirabi dodges the shark and rises to the surface of water.
Kirabi is seen to be enveloped by the hachibi’s cloak ,thinking … “I’ll need a huge amount of chakra for this “, and shouts “ Raiton Sutairu : Mizu Hyoketsu no jutsu !! ” and slams his hand on the water surface , the entire area with water freezes.
Kirabi – panting “ …….. I did It !! yo hachibi you right my man , ♪ my rhymes coming back to me like a little fantasy ♪ , that’s a good one , I will write it in my book the ♪ when I am done with this shark crook ♪ “
Kisame , folding his hands and standing and smirking ,” u think that would stop samehada , hahahaha ! u are more Moronic than your rhymes “
Samehada is seen sucking off all the effect of the jutsu in its surroundings .
Hachibi …… get that shark face , if he is dead we won’t have to worry about its sword….
Kirabi is seen lunging from above and charging straight at kisame with lariat !!

Raikage , Omoi and samui are seen travelling through a forest.
Omoi “ Raikage –sama , you were right , it seems that Kirabi-dono did indeed go to Sabu-chan , I sense an enormous chakra ahead.”
Raikage “ Shit ! He is not alone , I sense a great amount of chakra that is not of kirabi or hachibi. Looks like the fight has started with those Akatsuki bastards…………. Let’s hurry “

Ao thinking…….. “ oh shit ! I am trapped in the puppets body , there is no chakra which I can use , what shud I do ? “
“Wait a minute……. I know exactly what to do………. So that’s why Mizukage always insisted on us learning that……..”
Ao’s body turns and starts moving towards where Danzo and Torune are waiting.
Fu returning to his body after reaching , “ Danzo-sama , Here is Ao’s body for you“
Danzo “ Excellent work Fu ! Now start extracting the eye immediately”
Akazuchi “ Tsuchikage-sama , I have been wondering something from quite some time………. back at the summit, the Raikage said that you are the only one who has had the experience of fighting with Madara Uchiha before………………………………… Really !!?? “
Tsuchikage “ I might look a stubborn old-aged man to you youngsters , but I have had my days , I fought with him when I was your age Akazuchi ………………though we had made sure that this intel wouldn’t leak anywhere , but it seems no one can be trusted anymore…………..”
“ It was back then , when the akatsuki had first reached our lands trying to trade with us. I had been against it right from the beginning , initially the sandaime tsuchikage was against it too , so he sent a platoon of elite shinobi to dispose off akatsuki………………………… I was their leader “
Tsuchikage lost in his thoughts for a moment then shrugs and says “It’s a long story Akazuchi , I will tell you some other time , right now let’s concentrate on what to explain to the Daimyo.”
(Konoha – Tsunade scene)
Shizune “ you mean to say , that the Unlimiter , a bloodline , thought to have disappeared generations ago still exists ??!!”
Tsunade “ Yes , Shizune , I had my doubts from the beginning but it was only recently confirmed to me by Jiraya when he came back from training……………………. Remember Shizune this is top secret , no one , absolutely no one can hear about this “
Shizune “ I won’t tell anyone lady-tsunade , but please tell me more about the unlimiter ..“
Tsunade “ Shizune , I can tell u only a little now, my strength is running out , ………………”
“ The Unlimiter , is the perfect bloodline , it is supposed to have no limits. The people who have it are natural geniuses , like Minato ………”
Shizune “ What ??!! The Yondaime hokage was an unlimiter too ?? “
Tsunade “ Yes , and he knew that naruto was too that is why he didn’t hesitate in putting kyuubi inside naruto , he knew naruto would handle it , any other kid wouldn’t have survived a moment with such a force in him . “
“I wont be able to talk much now Shizune , I have a document in the second drawer of the office which has everything about an unlimiter , its under a gen-jutsu , and one won’t be able to find to find it without dispelling the jutsu ………… you’ll find all the information in it. “
“I’ll take rest now…..”



Naruto 472 Manga – Raw Predictions,Spoiler (Version 1)

Chapter Name : Samaheda Unleashed
Author : Numinous
(Kirabi Scene)
(Kirabi is panting heavily, while Kisame is grinning)
Kisame: That’s all you got, Jinchuuriki? My Samehada begs for more.
Kirabi: (thinking) Hachibi, I need to go eight-tails.
Hachibi: (in Kirabi’s mind) You’re crazy?! What if he drains even more of your chakra?
Kirabi: (thinking) Let’s overwhelm him before he does that! (talking) Sabu-chan, get out of here, the battle will start to
be epic!
Sabu: R-right! (runs away; Kirabi starts to go Eight-Tails)
Kisame: Now we’re talking
Kirabi: (while in Eight-tails) You called on the bull, you get the horns! (starts to form a Menacing ball)
Kisame: That doesn’t look good… (Kirabi shoots his menacing ball)
Kirabi: Haha, I killed him!
Kisame: (appears from his Earth Release: Underground Submarine Voyage, at the side of the eight-tails) Good thing I know a
Doton or two… well, time to play my trump card. I never thought to use this technique on such an annoying guy, but since
you’re a Jinchuuriki… (performs the Snake handseal) Suiton: Souseki Shinsui!* (nothing happens)
Kirabi while in Eight-tails: So much for so little, haha!!!
Kisame: If I were you, I wouldn’t be laughing.
*Water Release: Flood of the Genesis

(Land of the Waves Scene)
(Tsunami is putting some laundry in a rope, while whistling; the sea water starts to recede greatly, probably hundreds of
Tsunami: (thinking) What is happening?! The sea is… oh, no, a tsunami!
(The sea returns, creating a humongous wave that leaps towards the Land of Fire; the Great Naruto Bridge remains still
right next to the wave)
(Hiashi Scene)
(Hiashi and Hanabi are walking though a forest near Konoha)
Hanabi: I wonder how Hinata’s doing…
Hiashi: I’m sure she’s fine. We were away for a week, probably nothing happened, don’t worry. (he notices flocks of birds
going away; thinking) Something’s wrong… Byakugan!
Hanabi: Something’s wrong, otou-san?
Hiashi: RUN, HANABI, RUN!!! (they take a detour and start running)
Hanabi: What is it?!
Hiashi: JUST RUN!!! (they leap forward as the giant wave devastates the forest behind them)
(Danzou Scene)
(Torune carries Danzou, who has bandages covering both eyes; he covers his face with his palm, likely in pain)
Fuu: Are you alright, Danzou-sama?
Danzou: The Byakugan is proving harder to master than I thought. But now, let’s hurry back to the village for your new
Fuu: And what is it?
Torune: Wait! (Danzou groans) Excuse me, Danzou-sama, but I sense a big mass embedded with chakra near us. (closes
(Ao Scene)
(the wave reaches the puppet trapping Ao)
Ao: (thinking) Sorry, Mizukage-sama, I’ve failed you. (the wave destroys the puppet)
(Mizukage Scene)
(Mizukage and Choujuurou are on a tree’s branch, a bit distant from the wave that chages the landscape as it progresses)
Choujuurou: Such a powerful Suiton, it must from Hoshigaki Kisame!
Mizukage: Go and warn the Raikage, I’ll try to reach Ao.
Choujuurou: Yes, Mizukage-sama! (he goes away)
Mizukage: (thinking) Please be alright, Ao.
(Sakura Scene)
(Sakura’s group, Team Samui, Raikage and his guards are hoping through the forest)
Sakura: Uchiha Madara, alive? (thinking) I wonder how Naruto will react to that…
Raikage: I know it’s hard to believe, but now we must find him before Akatsuki does! I’m counting on you, Shii! And on you, dog-boy!
Kiba & Shii: Stop! (everyone stops)
Raikage: What now?! (the huge wave crosses right in front of them)
Karui: What… WHAT IS THAT?!
Omoi: Good thing the sensors warned us on time.
Karui: How can you be so calm when we almost died?!
Lee: Let’s follow that wave.
Karui: WHAT?!
Lee: Me and Gai-sensei once fought against an Akatsuki named Kisame, who was an expert in Suiton. If he’s summoning this much water, he must be fighting someone powerful.
Raikage: My brother! You heard the bushy-browed kid, let’s go!
(Naruto Scene)
Kakashi: So that’s his plan.
Yamato: He must be demented to think he’ll get away with that.
Naruto: So he wants me and the Raikage’s brother for his plans… that’s why he’s using Sasuke and his revenge, it’s to get me, isn’t it?! (everyone looks down) So why didn’t he take me when he had the chance?
Gaara: He says he’s weakened from the battle with the First Hokage.
Kakashi: I don’t know to which point he’s reliable, but he seems to hold a lot of information. It’s up to us to verify that information and try to get a step ahead of him.
Naruto: I know, but we got to warn Sakura about this before she does anything!
Yamato: For once, I must concur with him.
Naruto: Sai, can you lead the way to your original body?!
Sai: Yes. (he turns to an ink bird and flies away)
Naruto: Yosh, let’s go! (Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato depart, the Sand Siblings follow them)
(Kirabi Scene)
(Kirabi shoots another Menacing Ball, which Kisame evades with Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique)
Kirabi: Damn fishy guy, always escaping! (rumbling noises are heard) What’s this?!
Kisame: (appears from the ground) That, my friend, will be the last jutsu you’ll witness.
Kirabi: What the…? (the colossal wave is almost reaching Kirabi)

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