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Heights of Frustation …..

As the title indicates, iam writing this post in frustation and by the way it is my first one .

I would like to share some of my experiences with you people.

chapter I  — April Fool  

 I still remeber that day, it was the day before April 1st. I challenged my dad that i will fool every one the next day. I was so happy thinking that i will fool every one on the fool’s day and went to sleep.

            It was 5’O clock in the morning. My dad woke up and recollected the words which i had said yesterday – ” i am going to fool every one tommorow “- .  I dont know how people get such kind of ideas,but he got one to fool me as i was so confident to fool others.  He went near the bathroom and brushed his teeth, then took his shaving cream and squeezed that into the mouth of the toothpaste.

            He woke me up in the morning at 6:30 and asked me to go to the bathroom. As usual, i was struggling to get up from the bed, turning like a python on the bed. Finally i made it to the bathroom. I switched on the bulb and took my brush and then, put on the shaving cream on the brush, thinking that it was Colgate :D… But the paste looked green. Generally people will get a doubt and then test it by smelling it or calling their mother or so.. As i was super intelligent i thought that that green colour was due to the reflection that is coming from the yellow bulb ( dont ask me, how i thought like that, it just happend, thats it) . So feeling so good about my reasoning i started brushing . I think there is no need to describe what happened next right ?


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